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Instagram Stores

Instagram apparel stores are up on the rise with new ones popping up everyday, after speaking and working with some here at Hinton, we wanted to dig deep to see whether or not this will last or just be a fad.

The main type of store you find will tend to be men's fitness or general apparel wear. When you really look into its very simple to start this yourself. Lets break it down a minute... there are many different clothing printing services out there which can now do a quick turn around. Plus you can easily crop your brands logo onto the plain tees or hoodies you'll be selling.

I'd say it would cost someone around £80-£110, to start up their own 'Instagram Store', so after you have your logo, your quick printing manufacturer and your photoshopped images, all you need now is an Instagram account and a PayPal account. Just by using many popular hashtags your posts can become very popular very quickly. Following the right people and collaborating with the right 'YouTube stars or social media influencers and you can very quickly get your brand out their.

To be able to compete with the current market the average cost for a basic logo printed black or white tee goes for around £20-£35, hoodies go for around £45-£60 and then if your really going all out with your brand you can also sell Jogging bottoms which go for £40-£45. You need to be aware this won't be a 'get rich quick' scheme, you will have to be patient and clever with your marketing.

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What makes this all easier for people to start these 'stores' is that Instagram now has the option to sell direct from your own page. You can make a PayPal account with a Hotmail/gmail email address.

Its really easy to start.

Why don't you go and try it? You never know you could become the next big brand, or you could just be wasting your time... Only one way to find out

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