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International Women’s Day - New Data Shows Health Inequalities Between Genders Continue To Rise

New research[1] just published to coincide with the 111th International Women’s Day on 8th March 2022, has found a continuing scary gender divide when it comes to health and wellness in the UK. The new research commissioned by the evidence-backed CBD range, Dragonfly CBD found:

  • Women are much more likely than men to feel stressed and suffer from anxiety, with nearly 30% of women polled saying they had felt stressed more than 10 times in the previous month, compared to just 18% of men.

  • Women noted their life is more stressful since the pandemic began (26% of women vs. 19% of men) than ever before

  • Most women polled said they were getting a lot less sleep now than before the pandemic began some two and half years ago (24% of women vs. 16% of men).

When it comes to what triggers stress for women, the Dragonfly CBD research poll found finances, household bills, health, weight, partner, kids, friends, Covid-19, shopping, trying to please everyone and how they feel about themselves topped the stress list.

Sadly, in the same research review, more than half of women noted the pressure to be perfect (55%), including as a partner (23%), as a parent (22%), at work (21%), as a friend (20%), how they drive (9%), how they look (38%), with the housework (22%), in the bedroom (16%)!

When presented with a list of stress-related effects in the same research survey, more women than men said they suffered in all but one of the categories. Men were more likely to turn to exercise when stressed but women were more likely to say they get:

  • Grumpy

  • Don’t want to speak to or see anyone

  • Make mistakes

  • Have trouble concentrating

  • Become forgetful

  • Lack confidence

  • Comfort eating

  • Feel sad, anxious, or edgy

  • Smoke and drink more alcohol

  • Have trouble sleeping.

And in the same research poll, more women were found to suffer from stress-related upset stomachs, headaches, muscle tension, disturbed sleep, palpitations, and chest pain versus men. Twenty per cent of women respondents researched said they feel like they are always in some pain or discomfort, compared to 13% of men; whereas 18% of men say they are never in pain or discomfort, compared to 11% of women.

Women’s health expert, Dr Catherine Hood, says: “Perfectionism can be incredibly damaging for our health and it’s clear that women are particularly affected. Aiming for perfect looks, trying to please people, and being afraid to say ‘no’ can lead to stress and anxiety. Living frenetically in a bid to be perfect can damage your health, your sleep, your work, your relationships.”

“The World Health Organization has recognised that CBD products, such as Dragonfly CBD, may have the potential to help with health issues. Research shows that CBD oil has a calming impact and can help with sleep and manage aches and pains. It also ticks the box for people wanting to use solutions born out of nature.”

World-class sportsperson, Chemmy Alcott, is an incredibly inspirational woman and Britain’s greatest ever female skier. She holds three Guinness World Records, is a successful TV presenter, runs ski-training camps, is an active proponent for girls in sport, and is a busy mum to Locki, aged 4, and Cooper, aged 2.

However, success for Chemmy has come at a price. Aged 11, she broke her neck in a skiing accident, resulting in two vertebrae being fused together. Altogether she has broken 47 bones, including shattering her right leg in an 80mph accident and a compound fracture of her fibula and an open fraction of her tibia. She has been very vocal in the past about the pain she experiences.

Chemmy says: “It’s heart-breaking that women feel such pressure to be perfect. Perfection is unrealistic and unattainable. My life has always been busy and I have always tried to be my best self, but my advice to women is not to aim for perfection but strive to be the best you.”

“Dragonfly CBD helps me lead the active life I want to, without being weighed down by pain. And my quality of sleep is so much better, plus it has really helped me deal with what life can throw at me where juggling 101 things is pretty normal for me – kids, parenting, work, and life. It helps me live life to the full. That’s why I swear by Dragonfly CBD. It works for me.”

“Dragonfly CBD is backed by science and has the very best quality procedures in place. Every drop has a consistent and CBD within it, plus it is guaranteed to be THC free. And actually being THC free is essential to me but a lot of brands on the market are either not THC free or don’t contain CBD. I take it in many ways, including drops under the tongue and as an ingredient in recipes and drinks. And, unlike cannabis, a THC-free CBD oil like Dragonfly CBD will not give you a high and is safe and pleasant to use.”


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