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Interview with author Sarah T Wright about her book Anna's F Plan

Sarah for those who haven’t read your book ‘Anna’s F-Plan’ could you tell us what it’s about?

It’s a story about Anna, a Guardian angel who is sent to earth to help a young golfer in despair. Unfortunately, this angel doesn’t want to be a Guardian and all she’s interested in is getting back to heaven. Anna ends up going on a very human and hilarious journey as she tries to get her wings back.

Where did the inspiration come from for this book?

I had the idea for a young adult book about angels when I was a young adult myself, so a LONG time ago.

When you set out to write this book was it always your plan to make it light-hearted and have the comedic feel?

Definitely! It was always my intention to write with humour.

Why did you decide to write this book for children?

I have always loved fairy tales. They are magical and timeless. They touch young lives and the lessons they teach, stay with us. They make you believe anything is possible. Innocently told, they gently warn us of the dark side of life while bringing hope in a happy ever after. There is a simplicity in my storytelling that will appeal to young readers, but I hope I have written a book that will cross boundaries and become a family favourite.

What do you hope that children reading or listening to this book will take away from it?

First and foremost, I want them to be entertained but I would also like them to come away with a renewed sense of hope, a feeling they are not alone and a belief in themselves.

Why did you decide to write a seasonal book?

The story begins at Christmas but then moves on through spring, summer and autumn, so I don’t just see it as a festive read. I see it as a story for all seasons.

The book has an underlying hope feel, did you intend for this to happen?

Life is both light and dark and every shade of grey in between. In those greyer, darker moments I want my story to bring a little light, laughter, love and hope.

If there is anything you can tell us about any upcoming books you’re working on, or planning to work on?

I’m working on my second book that will focus on Leonardo and his story, so more fun and hilarity is on the way!

If you could offer one piece of advice to any budding authors what would it be?

Don’t doubt yourself and don’t be afraid to follow your dream.

Sarah,Thank you.

Thank you.

Anna’s F Plan will be available to purchase from 25th October via Cranthorpe Millner and major online retailers, Waterstones, WHSmiths, Foyles and Amazon.


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