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Interview with D C Lewens Author of 'Leaping Into the Unknown'

For the people who have not yet read 'Leaping Into the Unknown' could you tell us a little more about it?

It’s a fantasy thriller, but I’ve tried and hopefully succeeded to make the implausible, plausible, by way of making the characters fully believable. It’s set in modern times and invariably a battle between good and evil. There are a number of characters, both male and female involved, working in a department of MI6 on cold unsolved crimes. They have the benefit of a number of staff who have an unusual ability to lucid dream, into the past. Lucy Firmin is the main character and she finds herself drawn against someone with a similar ability who believes she is Gods New Chosen One.

What made you decide to write a thriller novel?

I like to read and have always been drawn to strong plots, good characters and believable dialogue and with no unnecessary descriptive passages. I like a page turner with short chapters. During the first lock down, two different people, one my cousin and the other a friend and both musicians told me they were trying to write songs but couldn’t manage the lyrics. In a moment of madness, I told them that I would send them some. Over the next couple of weeks I sent them a few each. They told me how easy they could write a song to them and some have been recorded. I still send them new ones. Once that initial burst was over, I wondered if I could write a book and that’s how it started.

Where did you look to for inspiration when writing 'Leaping Into the Unknown'?

I hope you believe this! I had no idea or inspiration whatsoever. I would wake in the middle of the night with ideas and put the light on and write them down. For’ Leaping into the unknown’ I had the first page and the last page in my head and once I started writing, I think my subconscious brain did most of the work, and it still does. Also just in quiet moments during the day, an idea will just jump into my head. Write it down quickly!

As you continued the writing process did you find yourself taking the story in a different direction to what you maybe had previously planned?

I had no planning at all for the book, only the ending. When people say ‘it had a life of it’s own’ I know exactly what they mean. The publishers have my second book, a children’s story and I am working on my next, all with the same process. For me it works.

In short, how would you describe your creative processes? - When coming to write a book do you have the same process, or not - how did this book's process look like?

As mentioned before, it’s as if the book itself wanted to be written and perhaps I was just the conduit. I know that might sound crazy but that’s sometimes how it feels. My second book, I only had a title in my head and now my third just again the start and the ending.

Looking back over the whole journey, how would you describe writing and releasing your first ever book?

Again, it’s a strange feeling now that the books been published. It seemed such a long time ago that it was written and now, when someone I know asks me about it, I have forgotten a lot of the small details. It seems like another life. I am really happy it’s out there and hope some really like it, but my thoughts are always on the one I’m writing and even the next one.

You set out to write a 'Holiday-Read' style book with Leaping Into the Unknown, sitting here today do you believe you achieved what you set out to do?

Yes I do, it was the book I wanted to write and I’ve had good comments back to me to confirm it.

Is there anything you can tell us about any upcoming books you're working on?

One children’s book finished is a scary story of a magic book and the scrapes a brother and sister get into, called Page 43. I am halfway through another thriller. I’ve set up somebody accused of a murder he didn’t commit, again a story with fantasy elements.

There is one thing we always ask authors we speak to, if there's one piece of advice you can give to any budding authors what would it be?

Write down all your ideas in a notebook, no matter how ridiculous they seem now. They may come together later. I write it out freehand and then type up. By doing that the rewrite is usually much better.

Thank you for your time today.

My pleasure.

You can purchase Leaping Into the Unknown from publishers, Cranthorpe Millner, and the online retail stores, Waterstones, WHSmith, Foyles and Amazon


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