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Interview with Sergey Davydov: "GSR - a modern day profession "

Today we are talking with Sergey Davydov, a GSR specialist, expert, and curator. He will share GSR (a modern-day profession) and how GSR can improve your life. GSR stands for the System of Deep Development. GSR is a ground-breaking technique that focuses on the human subconscious. It was created by the Russian researcher Dmitry Ustinov.

Tell us more about the GSR method Sergey, as I understand it exists today mainly in Russia and Asia and has recently spread in Europe. Could you dive a little bit more into the method? Maybe tell us more about its creation?

First of all, before creating the method, the author of this concept, Dmitry Ustinov, was a practitioner of various self-development methods, techniques, and practices for more than 25 years. He tried multiples disciplines: yoga, gestalt therapy, leadership training, meditations, Taoist practices, energy, and shamanic practices. He studied extensively and worked on all of them; however, despite his interest, he felt like none of them offered a wholesome approach, a holistic one. Every practice described the world from one focal, and it was segregated. Therefore if no method offered a complete approach to the structural system of a human being, he decided he would make a new one from scratch. 

To top it off, he had another issue, and he felt that those different methods didn't apply to the real world. For example, he was interested in the concept of money-making, and he used several methods at his disposal to see how they would help him in his real life. However, none

of the practices were successful.

His third problem was that each method created unique interest groups without unity. Thus, Dmitry decided to look for a new approach and created the GSR.

In his first self-oriented GSR session, Dmitry focused on his wealth. As described before, for 25 years, he could not grow his wealth despite using a myriad of methods. After the session, he noticed a stunning discovery: he realized that he was steadily improving his financial situation instead of stagnating. He was more than sure that his previous pattern of sluggish growth would return, but it was not the case. After seeing his success, he then decided to teach others his method, and they also saw incredible results. 

Can you describe to us a standard GSR session? How is it performed?

A session can be conducted in two ways: either individually or with a GSR specialist. If a specialist does the session, the client expresses his request, which the specialist will examine. He will focus on the request and seek out the root of this person's struggle. Once it is done, the person's toil is projected on a piece of paper, and according to the GSR method, it is further unpacked by working on the client's situation. 

At the core of any human condition, there is a tangle, an assortment of states, and within this tangle, there is the root of the problem. As an example, let's talk about the feeling of anger. This feeling of angriness is associated with a single word: anger. However, if we deconstruct the feeling through the GSR method, there are many meanings and situations associated with this word for each of us. As such, the goal of a GSR session is to untangle any case and reconstruct it properly without being surrounded by cumbersome feelings and solve the issue at hand.

Wow, that seems to be something powerful! Now, let's imagine I am a client. I came to you for one of your sessions, and I have a request ad we start communicating. How would you find out the core issue? How do you unpack it?

That is where the method shines. The basis of the method is the first course called 'Module 1' As seen previously, anyone can master it either by themselves or with the help of a specialist. Once you have got it, you will perform your own sessions and work on any possible issue that may arise in your life. The essence of the method is to unpack any situation and work on them to repair them properly. On top of the first module, there are additional ones that expand one's understanding of the method.

The first module expands on a single skill: how to perform a session. Working with others is a different skill set, more complex. Therefore the second module in the system allows people to learn the necessary skills to teach others. Everyone after the first module is welcome to study and get familiar with the second module and obtain the required skills to work with someone else.

So if I understand correctly, the specialist has a unique skill set to find a client's core issue within his words. This is the central aspect of the second module, correct?

You have to understand that there is a fundamental difference between GSR and other methods. In GSR, there is one important state, and it is the 'zero state' It is a state of total detachment. 

For example, when a client arrives at a session, he will be talking during this session. Specialists in other academic disciplines like, for example, psychologists view their clients through their personal lenses. They base the healing process on their unique understanding of the situation.

In comparison, GSR specialists rely on their zero states when they work with clients. When a client arrives, the specialist is already in this state, and he works from a new slate, so his personality does not influence the session. This is a particular skill and technique that is unique to the GSR method. It's the central point of balance and neutrality for a specialist and his work. 

It seems that this unique state, a potent tool to be used by the specialist, is the main difference with other practices.

Yes, indeed, the zero state mindset makes it easier to listen to the client. Additionally, other valuable skills are trained in the second module - the ability to hear the client and his condition directly without your personal vision, personal understanding of the situation, grades, experience, merits, and diplomas.

How else can this method be applied, and how can specialists use it? And what are the most common requests from customers?

The method is universal and works with the internal states of a person. GSR allows discovering the inner world of a person and his subconscious at a layered level. There are three accepted layers in GSR : 

  • The reactionary level: it is your instinct

  • Informative level: it is everything related to knowledge and general truths.

  • Level of states, energies, and feelings: this is the deepest level in GSR.

To simplify the concept: there are two types of choices. One is rational and is based on the logic and facts of a person. The other is irrational and derives from your soul and heart. A particular direction pulls the following state without any specific reasons. We would express it by saying, 'Following my heart or my soul'. This would be the third level in GSR theory.

It is such a deep level that each person perceives it differently, and it determines a person's understanding of the world and its actions. For example, let's talk about a person who has a confrontation with a partner, a situation requiring negotiation or solving. We have the following three elements: we have a physical situation, a set of intelligence, and an understanding of the said situation by the person. From this understanding, actions will be formed. If I mistrust my partner, I will have a different chain of reactions than if I do, and this pattern will repeat itself in any situation of mistrust. Therefore, a GSR session will focus directly on the inner state of a person, and in this case, in the lack of trust. The session's goal is to make so the person acts in the situation adequately, based on rational choices rather than irrational ones (like mistrust or anger). In GSR theory, this irrational behaviour is rooted not in the person or the situation but rather in our ancestry system. When there is a distinction, it is much easier to apprehend the situation stably. 

The GSR method allows us to work on an endless amount of queries. It can range from relationships to problems with substances or anything else in between. Whatever goals you may have or issues you wish to solve. You can always count on GSR to work on them. The main goal is to learn how to perceive a situation and deal with it correctly. Once the person reaches his most stable state, he will be more effective in his decision-making and behavior when nothing can shift his center of balance. 

You may think why this particular method is so powerful. It is simple: because GSR works with our inner world, and this world manifests itself in every area, it can be while you wash your dishes or conduct business. Your inner world is always turned on, and thus the method can be applied to anything. 

What is the most incredible story from one of your clients? So people will understand that this method truly works!

Now that you are talking about it, I do have an incredible story. I was once working on a difficult situation with one of my clients. She had trouble communicating with her family, and she feared that with time she might lose them. It was heart-breaking as I wanted to help her. We decided to start with a session immediately. After some time had passed, I was texting with her, and she mentioned that after the first initial session, she noticed some immediate change in her life. She decided to keep track of her change in a diary, and she was bewildered how much she had grown personally over a short period of her life. By working on her inner world, she realized how much her previous states and feelings would affect her comprehension of the world and her relations with her family. Something she could only have dreamed of became her reality. She did not expect that a slight improvement in her life could have led to such a drastic turnover as previous methods were useless. Up until this day, she is highly grateful for this opportunity and this gift.