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Introducing Wandering I: Curated Fashion from The World’s Biggest Fashion Capitals

Fashionistas will soon be able to add a touch of wanderlust to their wardrobes without leaving the country thanks to the launch of a stylish new digital boutique, which brings together a unique curation of independent labels, emerging designers and vintage attire from the world’s biggest fashion capitals.

Wandering I Fashion’s collection is a covetable mix of classic and cutting-edge fashion, with a stellar range of unique pieces to punctuate any new season wardrobe, all carefully selected from emerging, under-the-radar independent designers and labels. The eclectic global inventory brings together sartorial styles as diverse as London’s edgy streetwear and New York’s downtown cool with Hong Kong’s cutting-edge fashion and laid-back LA.

The brand’s creator, ‘S.M.J’ is a woman with a true passion for fashion and who has described Wandering I as her ‘calling’. She is a British/American citizen who adores travelling the world in search of new ideas and draws inspiration from cultures around the world, hand-picking some of the very finest garments she can lay her hands on and bringing them back to offer up fresh new looks via Wandering I.

S.M.J says, “Wandering I is all about authenticity, and with this in mind, takes every effort to ensure that featured collections are always genuine and original. They are also distinctive, and represent outside the box thinking, all whilst pro-actively empowering women to feel fantastic.”

Bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘global brand’, Wandering I is a fusion of all of the best bits the world’s fashion industries have to offer. The inspired and edgy Cities collection draws inspiration from famous fashion capitals including London, Seoul, LA and New York. Style inspiration also abounds in the Wandering I blog, which spotlights new street fashions from around the world.

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