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It's National Dog Day! The New Pet Parent Book

As COVID Sparks Boom in Puppy Ownership, Vet Urges Public to Avoid Backyard Breeding Scams

As millions reach out to breeders to buy puppies in the wake of COVID-19, Dr. Cristina Diaz-Madronero is calling on prospective puppy owners to do their research, be aware of the responsibilities of owning a dog, and only source from ethical breeders or dog shelters. To assist, Dr. Diaz-Madronero is delighted to announce the launch of ‘The New Pet Parent Book’, which helps new puppy and dog owners learn everything they need to raise a happy and healthy dog, who will thrive in their family. It’s highly recommended before making that all-important, life-changing decision.

Anyone who owns a dog will say it’s true; they become just as important as any other family member. In fact, the family dog is often the maker of the happiest memories. It’s something millions are now discovering in the wake of COVID-19, as lockdown inspired them to get a puppy.

But Veterinary Surgeon, Dermatologist and author Dr. Cristina Diaz-Madronero urges people to do their research beforehand. Not only to ensure the puppy is purchased from an ethical source, but that prospective owners are aware of the immense and challenging responsibilities of being “dog parents”.

Her new book, ‘The New Pet Parent Book’, is a great resource for those who already have their new pup, as well as those considering this most rewarding and life-changing decision. It’s vital reading to raise a dog that is fully-integrated into the family, properly cared for and in exemplary physical/mental health.


The New Pet Parent Book is an educational guide designed to provide new pet parents with the knowledge necessary to give your pet companion their best care. Compiling the most common questions new pet parents have when they welcome a dog to their family for the first time, this book will tell you everything you need to know and leave you confident that you're doing the right thing. Written by an experienced veterinarian and fellow pet owner, The New Pet Parent Book provides the reader with friendly, honest, accurate; and non-biased advice, just as if you are talking to your veterinarian as a family friend.

“Sadly, we are seeing many puppies come from backyard breeders or puppy mills to keep up with the current demand created during lockdown ,” explains the author. “Too many owners are also scammed. My book will help people  learn how to research if their puppy comes from a responsible breeder and, ideally, consider a rescue centre (as one of their choices). It will also equip readers with the knowledge they need to raise healthy dogs that create wonderful memories for their family. If you’re considering getting a puppy, I urge you to read my book.”

Continuing, “Time invested in research is something any vet, likely myself, will strongly advocate. A large part of my book is devoted to helping people make the decision on if dog ownership is for them. If it is, I’ll make sure your family has a story to tell with a happy ending!”

Reviews have been extremely positive. Mandy Albone writes, “This book is amazing so informative whether you’re new to being a dog owner or an experienced one. Full of sensible, clear advice, it’s even got a small section on covid-19 with your dog. Happy to have this book on my book shelf.”

You can win yourself a free copy of the book if you enter the competition over at http://www.newpetparent.com/ before 23:59 on the 26.08.2020.

‘The New Pet Parent Book’ is available now: https://amzn.to/3aI0qoH.

For more information and a signed copy, visit the author’s website: http://www.newpetparent.com/.

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