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Johanna Petersen

'Treat the environment, animals and people as you would like to be treated.' This quote in life is something I think we've all heard, or alternatives such as ' Treat Others as you'd like to be treated'. Now what if I you this was the motto of a fashion brand? Now you're probably thinking it makes more sense, but it's probably not something you hear brands saying a lot. Right?... Wrong! brands might not be using those exact words but in some way or another more and more brands are adapting these moral views. But there is one brand that wants to say it as it is in its most simple term, Johanna Petersen.

The Berlin based designer Johanna Petersen, launched her brand with the same namesake in 2020. With one single vision, she wanted to found a label 'which stands for fairness, sustainability and proactivity.' Founder Petersen, has made what she wants her brand to stand for very clear to it's clients with the motto being, 'Treat the environment, animals and people as you would like to be treated.' Speaking to Johanna trying to find out what her motivation was behind launching her brand, she told us here at Hinton. Magazine that she was, 'Tired of the flowery patterns suitable for the masses, I developed more and more the need to design prints with statements. Over time, the thought of working for a company that doesn't share the same values ​​became unbearable', then born in 2020 was Johanna Petersen the brand.

When looking at new brands in the fashion industry, its quite clear as to what the founders intentions are by the practices the brands have. I've got it down to 3 easily identifiable groups; the first is those who want to make fast fashion for a profit, the second being those who take time in their fashion designs but dont quite have enough capital to make it sustainable so they are using mass produced tee's to print their designs on and then finally and the ones I give the most credit to are the ones who have spent time to source their materials, spent time to make sure they are from a sustainable production line and that everyone gets a fair price for their work, this is exactly the type of brand Johanna Petersen is. Whilst talking to us on this topic Johanna said, 'We are clearly positioning ourselves for a fair future. It is time to stand up to the fast fashion industry and rely on sustainable materials and fair production. Because if we don't shape our future, who will?', and this is an incredibly valuable point to make.

The brand boasts unique and stylish collections for both men and women, featuring garments like T-shirts, Sweatpants and Hoodies. The unique thing about Johanna Petersons collections is that they address something thats very close to the designers hearts in each collection. 'We want to draw attention to social injustices, environmental protection and animal welfare with style and urban designs. The prints for "men" and "women" are the same for us. Because every gender is welcome and equal with us.' The Brand told us. Again this is another thing which just oozes genuine care from the brand, something that customers will pick up on and it's just something that will encourage them to shop there.

You can shop the full collection from Johanna Petersen over at


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