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Kalrio spirits launches 9diDante Inferno - Vermouth Di Torino Superiore

Following the most infernal year of the third millennium, Kaliro Spirits, founded by spirits’ entrepreneur Alex Ouziel, launches 9diDANTE Inferno - Vermouth di Torino Superiore, a red vermouth inspired by the nine circles of hell (“Inferno”, in Italian) of Dante's Divine Comedy.

Alex Ouziel, a passionate professional in the spirits industry, has spent the last decade gaining insights and experience in the world of vermouth. Recognising the opportunity for a new proposition that combines the need for a new taste that brings vermouth into the XXI century with the local artisanal traditions of Piedmont, 9diDANTE speaks to a new generation that loves quality and is open to new stimuli.

“The recent popularity of gin has allowed us to rediscover the beauty of craftsmanship, botanical herbs and bitter flavours. The cocktail culture, the search for lower alcoholic drinks and an appetite for a more sophisticated taste has increased consumer interest in the vermouth category that has been slower than others in premiumizing its offering, often boycotting itself through a lack of quality and creativity”, stated Alex Ouziel.

Dante has been an inspiration throughout the development of 9diDANTE - Vermouth di Torino Superiore. Out of the 27 botanical herbs carefully selected around the world, 9 have been chosen specifically for their historical symbolism. Each herb corresponds to an infernal circle that gives 9diDANTE its sinful character and an explosion of taste: wormwood (Limbo), cardamom (Lust), bitter orange peel (Gluttony), cumin (Greed), basil (Anger), nettle (Heresy), tansy (Violence), fennel (Fraud) and caraway (Treachery).

Blended with equal parts of DolcettoRosso and Cortese Biancowines, this innovative vermouth delivers an intense ruby colour and an experience that is highly tannic, bold in flavours and balanced in freshness and acidity. A modern Vermouth di Torino that will not leave anyone indifferent and that consumers will enjoy drinking neat over ice or mixed into cocktails, such as a Negroni.

"I never expected to launch 9diDANTE Inferno going through the hell of a global pandemic, but it is also true that 9diDANTE was born under the star of several extraordinary coincidences, such as my friendship with Mario Baralis, historical winemaker from Carpano, who became my mentor in this adventure”, revealed Alex Ouziel.

After twenty years of retirement,it has been an exciting adventure to share my know-how with Alex, and to see the birth of a vermouth that respects artisanal tradition while challenging conventional barriers to deliver a new experience for a more contemporary palate. Unlike most vermouths, we use red wine and therefore do not add caramel resulting in a completely new experience that is more complex and wine-forward in taste”, declared Mario Baralis.

“As soon as I tasted it, 9diDANTE immediately won me over. A rollercoaster of flavour that just keeps going and going, from the wine to the botanicals, then to the unique inspiration and elements of history it gives 9diDANTE Inferno a unique and distinctive identity. I always say that balance is key and this Vermouth di Torino Superiore is the epitome of that. One dance with 9diDante Inferno and you’ll never look at a bottle of Vermouth the same way again”, said Danil Nevsky, #34 of the Most Influential Personalities in the Bar Industry by Bar World Top 100 and Founder of IndieBartender.

Despite its recent entry into the high-end vermouth scene, 9diDANTE has already been widely distinguished, receiving numerous accolades from some of the most internationally recognised spirit competitions:·

San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020

  • Silver Medal· World Vermouth Awards 2020

  • Silver Medal· World Vermouth Awards 2020

  • Best New Launch· World Vermouth Awards 2020

  • Design: Gold Medal World’s Best·

  • The Spirits Business Specialty Spirits Masters 2020: Silver Medal

The bottle, as well as the logo and the first digital campaign of 9diDANTE linked to Dante’s circles were developed by the Canadian creative agency LP/AD.


Located in the heart of Piedmont, Alba was the natural location to bring 9diDANTE to life. With its vermouth tradition, winemaking heritage and access to first-class botanicals, Piedmont is not only a beautiful region of Italy but also a never-ending source of inspiration”, said Alex.

9diDANTE has chosen the Dr. M. Montanaro Distillery as the home for its artisanal production, which always comes in batches - not by chance - of 6,666 bottles. The Dr M. Montanaro Distillery has a long history in producing craft spirit and is credited with the creation of the first mono-varietal Grappa di Barolo back in 1885.

9diDANTE is distributed in several European countries with a focus on the UK (distributed by Halewood Artisanal Spirits and available online on,, Italy and Spain.

9diDANTE - Inferno Vermouth di Torino Superiore is a sinful red vermouth born in Alba (Piedmont, Italy), inspired by the 9 Circles of Hell in Dante’s Divine Comedy. Equal parts of red Dolcetto and white Cortese wines are blended with 27 carefully selected botanical herbs, 9 of which, thanks to their historical symbolism, correspond to an infernal circle that gives 9diDANTE its sinful character and bold taste. Produced in batches of 6,666 bottles at the Dr M. Montanaro Distillery (Alba - CN), it is distributed in several European countries with a focus on the United Kingdom (Halewood Artisanal Spirits), Italy (Finespirits), and Spain (Escolà) and available online at:, and 9diDANTE is a Kaliro Spirits’ brand, owned by the entrepreneur Alex Ouziel.

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