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Karin Carlander

In a world where the fashion industry is dominated by fast fashion, finding a brand that still creates garments using traditional menthods, just brings a fantastic feeling. Although fast fashion doesn't bring many positives to the fashion industry, what it does do is enable a brighter light to be shon on those brands that are using those traditional, ethical practices when creating their garments. Thers one brand in particular which still boast the claim that use tradition methods when created each new collection, Karin Carlander.

Danish based comptemporary brand Karin Calarlander still uses the traditional Nordic crafts and textiles for practical when producing there garments and products. When speaking the the founder of the brand with the same namesake about why they use these traditional methods and resources she told us, “I work with functional textiles, because I think that the objects we handle in connection with everyday chores and activities should hold artistic value.” Something that is a selling point for the brand which is seemingly very popular with its consumers.

Traditional methods have never faded away when it comes to fashion, but there is no denying the fact that traditional making factorys and brands across the world have substantially dialuted as the decades have gone on with the introduction of new technology which can make the garments and products much faster. So why are there brands out there still that use this practices when they could do it, faster and probably cheaper? This is what we wanted to find out when speaking to Karin Carlander, they told us, 'Anyone who masters a craft holds tacit knowledge that is conveyed through one’s hands and by example.' The brand continued, 'Karin Carlander brings her hand-woven designs into a contemporary context and creates a transparent brand with as few intermediaries as possible between the artistic process and the end-user. These qualities and well thought reflections are stored into the design, and can be sensed in the final textiles, even when they become industrially manufactured.'

Karin Carlander learned the craft of tapestry weaving at French weaver Jacqueline de la Baume Dürrbach’s studio in Provence when she was just 19. Graduating in 1987 as a textile designer with major in weaving from what is now known as the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design. It was in 1988 Karin established her own studio. She has since spent the following decades creating and exhibiting one-off hand-woven textiles and creating textile designs for several established companies, before starting her own brand Textile No. in 2013.

It's clear to see this isnt just a business for Karin, there is clear passionate in het work, “Craft-based objects are created at a pace that leaves room for reflection, and that gives us a deeper understanding of and respect for how the objects we live with are made.”

Stocking different ranges of Towels, Coasters, Tablecloths, bags and of course clothing garments the brand features simple and sophicated designs across the whole store.

You can shop the full range from Karin Carlander over at www.karincarlander.dk now!

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