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Keep Everything in Place with These Sporting Greats The Perfect Fit with

What a summer of sport - The amazing Lionesses!, England winning test matches, and a fantastic Wimbledon. And it’s not over yet! - the football season has just started, The Hundred is underway and the World Cup is on the horizon.

It’s inspirational. Suddenly we are all at it, taking up a new sport or rediscovering an old one. Squash anyone? But do you have the right kit for the job? And we don’t just mean rackets, bats, and balls … of course not! Do you have the best pants and socks for the job? Physical activity makes extra demands on your clothes as well as your body.

Do you need support to keep everything in place? Then best check out Saxx and its Ball Park Technology. SAXX Sport Mesh Men’s Fly Boxer Brief £22 from

Are you looking for freedom of movement or possibly a transfer? Then briefs from CR7 are the ones for you.

The high cut means there’s no fabric to bunch up and rub but you still get the necessary support. The CR7 3 Pack Men’s Brief cost £25 from

Don’t want to get too hot and sweaty? The less fabric the better, so the Calvin Klein 3 Pack Low Rise Trunks £42 from could be for you.

Getting sweaty? Then go for a fabric that will wick the moisture away, the Boss Starlight trunks £28 from are a perfect fit.

Back of the net! Find the perfect find every time from


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