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KN Group presents its latest international commercial/office projects in Athens: EDENRED & KIKxxl

which started as a family business in Athens in 1969 that of bespoke furniture production, developed in 1995 into an interior design agency for commercial spaces supporting also with refurbishments and reconstructions. Today the company has progressed to real estate development for commercial use, cultivating a unique focus and commitment to leveraging their multi-disciplinary expertise to create unique functional and exciting spaces for people to work and interact. The core team, apart from working now on big-level real estate development, construction, architecture, and interior design mandates, also creates bespoke furniture for their core clients.

This is the latest project, a commercial building for the international payments platform,Edenred, and their Athens outpost. (Edenred has been certified as one of the best workplaces in Greece from Great Place to Work® 2022 -2023). The building was launched in late November 2022 and it covers a surface of 850m2 in Moschato area, Athens. The project was developed and implemented after the radical renovation of an existing building and its conversion into an aesthetically modern office space, in accordance with the LEED environmental certification standards. The building is a former industrial space of 3360m2, with a square-free plan, with a sparse grid of circular columns, of great height and characteristic linear openings around the perimeter with a high apron.The influences of the existing shell in modernist architecture, with clear geometries, free sight, and linearity, were preserved and transferred to the design of the interior.

The architectural approach aimed at the location of the main working areas around the perimeter, next to the elevation openings, in a way that achieved optimal lighting and ventilation of the space as well as free access of users to the view. The design of the workspaces in the elevated section was based on the logic of the open space model, where the different workgroups are delimited by light dividers, such as green islands and transparent dividers with colored frames.

The anthropocentric philosophy of KN Group and the innovative way in which it approaches the needs of its mandate resulted in the creation of a multipurpose space, which supports in various ways the functions of the user while at the same time highlighting a modern perception of the office space. Ultimately, this piece of work also upgrades and reshapes the urban and city landscape in Athens and its suburbs.

The "IXI" office building in Moschato hosts on the 1st floor the multinational telephone service company KIKxxl, which chose this space as its first headquarters in Greece. The project was developed and implemented after the radical renovation of the existing structure and its transformation into a functionally "smart", environmentally "friendly", according to LEED standards for sustainable buildings, and aesthetically modern office space, by KN Group.

The Group, true to its design principles, delivered a comfortable and warm space, designed according to the needs of employees, and environmental standards, with a modern design and strong elements of contemporary aesthetics that attracts the user, serves its corporate goals and is part of its development strategy.


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