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Lebron James: From Zeus Statue To Anti-flood System

Discover The Curiosities Of The NBA Star's Former Mansion.

Brazilian luxury real estate broker, Ana Prado Contti, has stayed at the residence and talks about the most impressive details of the place

LeBron James is, without a doubt, the most popular NBA basketball player today. Part of the famous Los Angeles Lakers team, he gathers historic games in his career and was also the star of the sequel to the movie "Space Jam: A New Legacy".

Ana Prado Contti, the Brazilian real estate broker specialized in highly valued homes and has already visited the former LeBron mansion, from the time he played for the Miami Heat.

“The property is in Coral Gables, Florida, at the end of 3950 Crystal View Street, and has an ocean front. It is considered the most opulent and expensive house in the region,” she says. LeBron James bought it in 2010 for $9 million and sold it in 2020 for $13.4 million.

According to Ana, the house has a total of 1,551 square meters spread over three floors, 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. “On the third floor is the master bedroom with a huge balcony that gives exclusive access to the terrace. From there you can see the bay. Another cool thing about the master suite is that there is a huge mirror on the ceiling, above the bed.”

“Still on the third floor there is a small kitchen and three more bedrooms. All with bathroom and closet”, Ana details.

And do you think it stops there? The realtor says that right at the entrance of the house there is a large statue of Zeus, in addition to several other small statues scattered around the garden.

“It is worth mentioning that we are talking about a smart home, all equipped with cell phone commands. You can put music to wake up the whole house from your cell phone, even if you are in another city, for example. Just choose the music on the streaming service, the room, and the volume you want to receive the sound. The entire residence still relies on the Savant system to take care of security,” she explains.

On the first floor, Ana Prado reveals that there is a complete gym and games room. Meanwhile, on the second floor it has a gourmet kitchen, a private cinema, wine cellar, office, living room with bar and space for employees.

“In addition to the infinity pool, a deck allows people to get very close to the sea, as well as space for two boats to anchor. It also has a bar, barbecue, natural gas generator and a concrete dock for two yachts”, she points out.

A guest house with one bedroom and one bathroom was built. “There was a wallpaper with the LeBron logo.”

In case of natural threats, the mansion has an automatic anti-flood system, an electric power generator and two refrigerated pantries with the capacity to store food for a long period in case of hurricanes.


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