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Lithuanian Design Cluster

When it comes to business it's not always about who works the hardest, its about who works the smartest. Let's also not forget those who you might see as your competition might actually be the best business partners for your business to team up with. This was something that was realised from the 7 brands that have come together to work smarter to grow bigger.

'The Lithuanian Design Cluster' is a group of brands offering a wide selection of products to hotels, restaurants, and other public or residential spaces together and we wanted to find a little more of how they came together and how it all works.

Lithuanian Design Cluster is a one-stop supplier offering installation services. Could you explain more about what it is and the types of products you sell?

The Lithuanian Design Cluster is a group of companies offering a wide selection of products to hotels, restaurants, and other public or residential spaces. These products stand out in the market for their exceptional design and inspiring stories. Lounge chairs, beanbags, beds, mattresses, coffee tables, chairs, shelves, lighting mirrors, curtains, towels, or aprons – whichever the product, the cluster is associated with high quality and inventiveness.

How come that these 7 companies of the cluster have decided to join efforts?

Cluster companies have been collaborating for a long time by working on products together and presenting them abroad. Aiming to use their experience of developing production and exports, the companies formed this cluster to find the best solutions for interior spaces, spread the word about Lithuanian design, create new jobs, introduce the country as a reliable manufacturer, and increase the exports of local design companies.

How do you make sure you are keeping up to date with the latest trends and styles?

We all were active participants of various international fairs before the pandemics. A lot of inspiration came from conversations with our clients, designers, and ordinary visitors at the stands. Also, we are following such magazines like Kinfolk, Sindroms, Design Anthology and subscribing to design media newsletters.

What makes the traditional Lithuanian design different from everything else that's on the market?

Design is without borders, so there is no big difference between the Lithuanian and international design scene. Although Lithuania has a strong tradition in wooden furniture making. Also, our high-quality linen is well known worldwide. We are always looking for original solutions, creating products that would last for a few generations.

What new prospects opened up after establishing the Lithuanian Design Cluster?

Working together, we can now offer a complete set of furniture and interior accessories to equip various interiors – from hotel bedrooms to restaurants or cafes. This was never possible for a single company alone, and already we see this collaboration as the greatest benefit – our partners are happy to get everything from one source and enjoy the high quality of each piece made by experienced professionals.

Where could our readers find you?

You can find us on various design and architecture platforms like Archiproducts or Hotel Suppliers. Also, we warmly invite you to take a look at our website