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Little Danbue

Something we've seen a huge rise over the last decade is more and more independent health brands. One big reason for this is because the consumers where begging for more natural and sustainable products they can feel safe and confident they can put on their skin. Something they weren't feeling from those big brands that tend to dominate the market. One brand who's joined the independent revolution thats still going is Soap brand Little Danbue.

A brand thats been built based on a journey. Niche soap brand Little Danube was founded by Bulgarian born Katrina. Katrina spent the first few years of her life moving around Europe, after being born in Bulgaria during a communist time she left with her parents when she was 1 year’s old. Katrina then moved to Barcelona for 2 years then to France where she stayed until finishing her philosophy degree before deciding to move to the UK.

After spending many years working in the corporate world Katrina realised she wanted to make the most of her creative side. Whilst training at one of the top soap schools, Katrina came across the “Sublimation” factor, when studying chemistry and found the relevance close to her time in philosophy and its concept. This is where she claims her creativity really unraveled. She turned any stress or worries into an object of art.

Using this and her incredible journey from Eastern Europe to the western Europe

she was able to create the designs for the niche soap bars that Little Danbue stocks. Katrina told us 'each soap bar carries a beautiful scent which resonates with a memory and a place'. Giving the consumer a real connection with the brand and the founder.

One other things this brand boasts is each bar being not only natural but vegan too. As more people are taking on vegan lifestyles it is another customer base the brand opens themselves up to. This is something the brand is proud of, dedicating part of their homepage on their website to showing the bit they are doing as a responsible, sustainable brand.

You can shop all the designs for Little Danbue over at

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