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Liv Bentley and Bella Campbell launch Jomo London, CBD arousal oil for women

Liv Bentley and Bella Campbell are delighted to announce the launch of JOMO's flagship product: a luxurious sexual arousal oil infused with CBD.

Created as part of their quest to close the gender pleasure gap by creating a sexual wellness brand that connects sex and self-care, JOMO's CBD Arousal Oil is an all-natural topical oil designed to work in harmony with your body. JOMO aims to elevate your intimate experience, ease discomfort, and help increase sensitivity, providing gentle lubrication through a unique blend of 100% plant-based oils and extracts.

Photo credit: Sebastian O'Reilly

Its key CBD ingredient is formally known as cannabidiol and informally called the "miracle molecule". It has been well reported that CBD encourages relaxation. Alongside this, numerous women have reported that CBD increases blood flow which in turn enhances sensitivity, allowing CBD to boast an impressive sexual wellness portfolio of benefits. With a brand name inspired by the Joy Of Missing Out, JOMO is designed to celebrate those nights we choose to spend between the sheets, whether for a sensual solo experience or indulging in quality time with a partner.

The concept of JOMO first came about when founders Liv and Bella began to discuss how, despite the fact we are encouraged to be open about our sexual curiosities as well as our hang-ups, for many women, that is far easier said than done. Mainstream media, films and advertisements might have you believe that talking about sex comes easily to everyone. Sex is glamourised, and we rarely address the myriad of reasons that often lead to this topic becoming synonymous with feelings of embarrassment and guilt in everyday life.

Campbell's career as a celebrity makeup artist has helped inform the appearance of the final product. "We want women to feel comfortable with JOMO as a staple item on their bedside table,", states Bella. "We've worked hard to ensure that the look and feel of the product is sleek, elegant, and timeless. Most of us are happy to invest in products that look after our face – why don't we look after our most intimate parts in the same way?"

The co-founders are on a quest to redefine female sexual wellness and empower women on their sexual journey. They aim to put the focus back on women, what women need and what women want, enabling women to facilitate sexual exploration, remove shameful and embarrassing connotations, and shift the cultural narrative surrounding sexual pleasure.

Composed of a naturally balanced blend of hemp-derived CBD, jojoba oil, black pepper extract and flower extracts, JOMO's CBD Arousal Oil is designed to be a luxury staple for sexual self-care.

"The discomfort and unease that women so often feel when it comes to talking about sex can leave us unable to address the issues that stop us from having a fulfilling sex life," says Liv. "In a world where sexual shame is still so prevalent, we hope to help take some of the embarrassment out of sexual wellness by using our platform to talk openly and positively about women's sexual wellness and how to improve it."

Bella goes on to explain that "challenges that make it harder to enjoy sex can be due to a wide range of reasons including stress, our menstrual cycle, hormonal contraception, the menopause, and other common issues, and yet too many women view this as some kind of personal failure. In 2019, the World Association of Sexual Health declared pleasure a human right, but not addressing these issues can sabotage our chances of enjoying our bodies, on our own or with a partner. The Journal of Sexual Medicine states that 35% of women have said they've never even tried using personal lubricant – and that's something we seek to change."


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