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Living in the now

Its an odd thing.

When we often break. And break I mean when we have mini meltdowns.

We all have them. We’ve all experienced them. And if you’re one of the lucky few, perhaps you’re yet to have one.

See. They come when we least expect it. Can come with no warning and often, even when we know the exact triggers that can cause them. Even the best will in the world can sometimes not avoid them. They will come. They will happen and sometimes we just must accept that. This is the experience that is life.

So, what happens when we come out of them? Who do we become and what can we take from them? Or, lets think of this more like all traumatic events, or even events in your life that may cause upset, perhaps anger, or even sadness.

See if there’s one thing that I’ve learnt over the years is each and every event that has happened or that will happen to you will take you to exactly where you need to be.

Now hear me out. When you come to the end of that event or traumatic event.

You come out and will come out a different person. A new character as it would. You, kind of have changed. Most notably for the better. Typically, irrelevant of the experience. You simple cannot or will not go back to being the person you once were, because each event and moment that you come out of moulds you and changes you in such a way that well ‘ you simply cannot go back…’ It has made you exactly the way that you are and the way that you need to be. To this exact moment. A new person, a new character and a stronger will in which you’ve taken on all things, all experiences and take them forward into a new light. You use it to the best of your capability.

Or better yet it can be used to help others. See the best thing about all this experience is it simply, Brings you into the ‘NOW.’ And that’s the thing with the now so many people don’t live in it, they pass by it, miss it and don’t even move with it. And why is this? I normally place it down to one thing really. 80% of the time its down to the so called ‘worry’ or ‘worries.’ When many worry, they’re creating something or an event in their head that well hasn’t even happened yet.

The worry creates so many ‘what if’s’ that their mind wanders into things that may not actually even happen. And it’s a shame really they miss out on so many of the good things in life. The simple things. Best wills in the world say they live in the now when more often they don’t. See when was the last time you sat down and had the ‘humble pint.’ Switched off from social media and did the old grounding technique.

Ask yourself as you sip away.

What can I see?

What can I hear?

What can I taste?

What can I smell?

How do I feel?

See when you take ‘the time’ to be in ‘ the time’ then you’ll feel more within the now. So what can you take away from me this month.


Each and every experience that you have in life means that you can not go back to the person of which you were that before. You simply can’t. You’ve become a new you. A new person. And that’s amazing. New experiences creating a new more confident, life experienced person to be and own the person you wish and chose to be.

Like with any good chapters in a book. You must finish a chapter irrelevant of how good or bad it was. As you finish it. You take on board the story, and who knows the next chapter may just be your best yet. With all the knowledge and experience of the previous ones; the story will grow and continue into the new moments, new experiences just as in life you will. And with that always ensure that you live within the now. It’s the present. Someone once told me why is it that dogs always seem so happy? See, they never truly worry about the what if’s and the worry’s of tomorrow or more. They literally live in the now happy as can be knowing the fact that today or that moment could simply be the best moment / day they have. Never let your what if’s truly distract you from the now.

More often then not 90% of the time the worries will amount to nothing that’s simply been made up in your head. Live in the now. For you love life, social life, family life, work life and outdoor life. So until next month.

I ask you, what are you doing right now?

What can you see ?

What can you hear?

What can taste?

What can you smell?

What’s your now?

Until next month…

James BSc

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