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London's, Village Butcher

For those of us that haven't gone vegetarian or vegan but are still conscious of consuming meat from animals that have 'lived a happy life' it's common knowledge that we're going to have to a pay a little more when we visit our butchers. Well what if you could pay the same price and get it delivered right to your door?

If there's one thing for certain it's that COVID-19 has changed our way of life, some may argue it had moved us further forward with technology and with general life it'self. Creating a easier life for many, and one brand thats moved forward with these times is Provenance, London's, Village butcher. Provenance deliver high quality meat direct to your door! We sat down with the guys behind the business to ask them a few meaty (and non-meaty) questions;

Why is it important that we buy and eat locally sourced meat?

Eating locally sourced meat is a real win win in our opinion. Not only do you end up enjoying great tasting, seasonal produce that has a lower environmental impact, but you are also supporting British farmers and the local economy. 

How different is the quality of meat from butchers compared to supermarkets?

I think that an expert eye goes a long way, and we are lucky enough to have passionate experts at every link in the chain, from pasture to plate. As we work with small farmers, they know their animals and land intimately, producing the best quality stock in the environment. This level of care and respect follows through to the processing of the animal and delivery to us as butchers. We then take time and care to butcher and prepare the product for our customers. All of this results in an extremely high standard of end product, which is where the person eating it comes in. We can't come to your house and help you cook it, but we'll happily give you some tips on how to get it right!

Do you think the COVID pandemic will change people's way of shopping for food

I think that it has. Lockdown for many people meant that they couldn't get what they needed from the supermarkets, so they tried local shops that they maybe hadn't before. Hopefully, people realise that these local businesses offer something that the supermarkets can't - whether that be better products, or a friendly face, and it inspired them to change their habits and continue to shop locally.

There is a huge focus on sustainability in everything we do, how does a butcher incorporate this into their practices? 

Sustainability has always been an important facet of Provenance. Since we opened in 2013, we have only used butcher's paper and paper bags - no plastic. Recently we have switched our vacuum seal bags over to 100% compostable materials. We wanted our packaging to reflect our approach to our food - thoughtfully sourced, low impact and as sustainable as possible

With the rise in veganism do you ever seen butchers turning to a vegan produce range too?

We are proud to carry a small range of vegan products in all of our stores already. Our aim is to supply ethically sourced, great tasting options to everybody. We actively encourage people to be mindful of what they're eating. Hopefully the cultural shift to consuming less, but buying better will continue - it certainly suits our ethos of supporting small, independent farmers and producers. 

The 4 founders of Provenance are quite passionate about where their meat comes from saying,' Provenance is passionate about animal welfare, supported by traditional farming methods resulting in the highest quality product, expertly prepared by their incredible team of friendly butchers.'

If you're living in the London area why not give them a try now!Head over to


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