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Lxght Work ATR

Over the last few years it's become more and more easier for someone to launch a fashion brand, sometimes you can eve start it with less than £100. But what seperates the ones who will be successful away from the ones that won't, is the how the brand is perceived by the public. You've got to be create garments people are wanting, you've got to produce a name people want to be wearing and you've got to establish your brand vey quickly, sometg apparel brand Lxgt Work ATR have done fantastically!

When it comes to launching and running an apparel brand you've got to use every advantage you have to your own favour. From things like low cost marketing such as social media, something brands didnt have 10/15 years ago. This give you the chance to reach millions with your friends sharing your brand and then their friends sgaring it too, this is how you gain traction, how you build up a following. Once you have the following it's down to you to produce garments people are going to want to spend their money on. This is the part that Lxght Work ATR have done right.

The brand offers a reasonable number of garments from tees and caps to socks and sweaters, certainly something for everyone offering stylish yet comfy wear for all!

You can shop the full range from Lxght Wear ATR over at