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Marloe GMT Collection

Introducing the Marloe GMT collection. Two limited editions that represent a first for British watchmaking – the only non-Swiss ‘true’ GMT on the market. Exceptional watches at an exceptional price.

Watches with GMT functions are one of the key trends in watchmaking right now. One watch podcast recently declared 2023 ‘the year of the GMT’. Today, independent British brand, Marloe Watch Company debuts the GMT Day and the GMT Night, two new models that take the GMT from tool watch to style statement. And do so in a package under £700.

GMT watches allow the user to tell the time in two or three time zones simultaneously. Initially developed for Pan Am pilots during the 1950s golden age of air travel, they have a long and storied history. But the explanation for their enduring popularity is actually pretty simple: they’re really useful. And in more ways than may be immediately obvious.

A GMT watch has an additional hand that points to a 24-hour time scale on the bezel. That’s particularly handy for frequent travellers. While the watch’s main hands display the time wherever you’re visiting (‘local time’) the 24-hour GMT hand indicates the time wherever you’ve come from (‘home time’). But GMT watches carry an emotional story, too – you only need to glance down at your wrist to immediately picture what friends and family are doing back home. They also speak of adventure, travel and aviation.

Since forming eight years ago, Marloe Watch Company has proved that stylish design and exceptional craftsmanship are no barriers to selling great watches at a rational price. As the revival in British independent watchmaking continues to draw interest from across the world, co-founders Gordon Fraser and Oliver Goffe today announce the next chapter in the Marloe story – the use of the first ‘non-Swiss’ GMT on the market.

GMT watches fall into two variants. An ‘office’ GMT that allows for independent adjustment of the 24-hour hand. And a ‘true’ GMT that lets you jump the 12-hour hand backwards and forwards in one hour increments. ‘True’ GMT movements are typically more complex to manufacture and are the ones you’ll find used by very high-end Swiss brands – in watches firmly within the four or five-figure price bracket.

Marloe Watch Company has developed its own ‘true’ GMT watch using a brand new movement, the Miyota 9075 – a development of the Miyota 9039 movement already used in some of its most popular watches, regarded for its exceptional robustness and reliability.

Marloe is one of the first companies in the world to use this new calibre. And it has done so to produce two exceptional timepieces.

The Marloe GMT Day has a dial inspired by the light blue sky that breaks over a crisp Spring morning in Scotland, where Marloe is based. The centre of the dial features a rugged texture that meets a smooth, chalky outer – the two textures are bridged by the applied hour indices. The GMT 24-hour scale is printed on the internal bezel, adding contrast to the outer perimeter of the dial. Bold, black markings are printed for the angled GMT scale and the minute markers on the flat dial surface. Mirror-polish finish is applied to the main hand set and seconds hand, while the GMT hand features a tip in bold pillar-box red.

The Marloe GMT Night features a twilight blue dial, with the centre of the dial inspired by the rippling ocean surface moonlight from 30,000 feet – appropriately, for air travellers. Crisp white markings are used for the bezel and main minute marks, to ensure maximum legibility. A striking bright orange is used for the seconds hand and on the tip of the GMT hand.

Both the GMT Day and the GMT Night feature a date window at 3 o’clock, a 40+ hour power reserve and the Miyota 9075 automatic mechanical movement that keeps the power reserve changed as you wear it. Both models come with lume accents to give exceptional clarity in low-light conditions.

The watches are produced in a limited run of 500 each.

They’re available now to buy for £699 on Marloe’s website

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