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Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin, Tea Edition - 42% Abv.

Delicate and fresh upon the palate, with a citrus sharpness hitting the senses and fresh aromas that swirl around. Plenty of Yorkshire Tea flavour develops on the palate, as well as fresh aniseed, cardamom & pepper notes before the tea returns for the long finish.

Taste: 3.5/5 The tastes wasn't everyone's favourite. More or a marmite type flavour those that love ti will be drinking all the time and those that dont wont like it at all.

Bottle Design: 4.2/5 Perfect type of bottle for a gin like this

Label Design: 3.9/5 Horticultural look, very heritage proud label. Great colours. not over the top

Value for money: 3.8/5

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