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Meet The Newest Accessory You Just Can’t Live Without! the Pocket Tripod Pro®

This fun little device fits in your purse, your wallet, your back pocket, your hiking boots, or heck, even your bra strap if you’re feeling sexy enough that day!

No. Seriously. This awesome little accessory fits just about everywhere ladies. Trust us, we’ve tested it! With lots of super cute colors to choose from like Panda, Jasper, Magma, Thunder Pink. Matte Black and more it’s hard not to be curious when you lay eyes on it! Bonus, it’s also compatible with any case + phone too! iPhone? Android? No worries as it can fit any phone, with any case, from 6.0mm (1/4 inch) thin to 12.5mm (1/2 inch) thick. There is no worrying about whether it will "fit” because it just will!

The Pocket Tripod PRO delivers all the essential features you'd expect from a full-size tripod, in the palm of your hand. So, it’s always ready when you are!

Simply put, it’s just plain genius ladies! Beginning with its stellar design made for smooth functionality and effortless portability, its immediately evident that this small but mighty device is quite possibly the key to capturing your next big adventure!

Eudora Alice Welty, novelist, and photographer, famously said, “A good snapshot keeps a moment that’s gone from running away.”

Pocket Tripod PRO allows you to capture the best, most important moments of your life, every time. Girls’ night out? No more awkward arm shots or asking weird strangers to grab the snapshot. New Mom wanting to capture tender moments of her sleeping newborn? No problem! Creative artist needing new content for her YouTube viewers? Pocket Tripod has you covered! Need to create awesome vacation videos with the whole family in the frame? You’re taken care of!

The Pocket Tripod PRO also allows you to change how you view your phone entirely. It’s no longer this thing you need to put down because it’s taking you away from those you love, but rather becoming a tool to bring the things you love closer!

Useful Ways to use the Pocket Tripod from the Team at Pocket Tripod themselves!

  • Use it to hold your phone stable while following a cooking recipe

  • Using your camera as a mirror

  • Watching a Movie on an Airplane

  • Taking Online Peloton or Other Workout Classes

  • Zoom calls with friends or Co-Workers

  • Use it to capture Time-lapse Video of your kids

  • Use it capture Slow Mo Video of Nature, Waves, Dogs, Pets

  • Use it to Capture your daily TikTok

So, if you’re in search of the next must have purse accessory ladies, this is it!


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