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I think there is always a point in everyone life where we want something better for ourselves, where it be something like a job or a house or technology even the food and drink we intake. This is exactly the point founders of Melange Alec & Harry got to which lead them to start up their business in 2019.

The premium alcoholic soda drinks brand Melange are on a mission to become 'the standard bearer for beverages far and wide. Never compromising on our quality, ethics or flavour'. Talking about why they launched the brand the pair said, 'We dreamt up these drinks in our small kitchen in West London when we grew tired of the selection out there. The cocktails were inconvenient, the beer was bloating, and the typical other options either looked a bit too radioactive or had enough sugar to put Tate & Lyle out of business. So we pledged to make our own drink, a refreshing alternative towards a higher standard.'

The journey that started in 2019 began with the paid choosing the flavours, seeing what would inspire them and to see what would make the tastiest concoctions. the pair say,' Safe to say, inspiration can come from anywhere, but it does take time to perfect.' After spending almost 12 months perfecting things they decided to go with Raspberry and Rhubarb (from the homemade crumble of Harry's youth, Yuzu & Passion Fruit reminiscent of Alec's Japanese heritage). Adding to their first drink the pair created, Grape fruit & Tangerine offering something different to whats out their already.

I think there is always room in the market for a different type of alcoholic drinks brand, The popularity of fruity drinks is growing especially with the rise of Gin over the last few years. so to change the spirit to vodka and bring a tasty flavour to the party, you are giving yourself a head start from the beginning. It will be interested to see how well Melange is received, if it manage to hit the bars, because if they do. I think it could be a game changer.

Why not check out their range now over at


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