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Men's Fashion Series: The 1980s: Power Suits, Pop Stars, and a New Wave of Cool

The 1980s, often referred to as "The Decade of Excess," was a time of big fashion, bigger hair, and even bigger personalities. 1980's Men's fashion during this era was a blend of bold styles, innovative materials, and inspiration from pop culture. From the rise of the yuppie and their emblematic power suits to the unique styles of pop icons, the '80s were truly a time of sartorial exploration.

80s fashion

Yuppies and the Power Suit: The booming economy and rise of the corporate world gave birth to the yuppie — young urban professionals keen on making their mark. Their weapon of choice? The power suit. Broad shoulders, double-breasted jackets, and pinstripes came to define the successful man of the '80s.

Pop Icons and Their Influence: No discussion of the '80s can be complete without mentioning icons like Michael Jackson, Prince, and David Bowie. Their unique styles — think leather jackets, high-waisted trousers, fingerless gloves, and military-inspired details — heavily influenced mainstream fashion.

New Wave and Punk's Second Wind: The music scene continued its sartorial influence with the New Wave movement. Bright colors, skinny ties, and an androgynous aesthetic were championed by bands like Duran Duran and Depeche Mode. Meanwhile, punk saw a resurgence with a more polished look, emphasizing studded leather jackets and band tees.

Athletic and Casual: With brands like Nike and Reebok on the rise, sportswear and sneakers became fashion staples. The tracksuit, made iconic by the likes of Run DMC, blurred the lines between sport and everyday attire.

The 1980s were an era of confidence, self-expression, and breaking boundaries, reflected in the audacious styles that men embraced.

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