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"Midnight Sun" Fall-Winter Collection 20/21 of Carmelita Pascale

Christmas is near, winter is here together with the new winter collection by Carmelita Pascale – Midnight Sun F/W 20/21.

A collection vowed to practicality without never neglecting women’s sensuality and love for aesthetics. Carmelita Pascale’s Midnight Sun collection celebrates streetwear, disco and casual style, iconic garments to be used both day and night, with a pop-rock style. Always inspired by the fashion of the 70s-80s, it tells the story of a woman in search of detail, she dresses everyday clothing with an attention to the silhouette and small details. A combination of elegance, streetwear and disco dress will speak of a vintage in a modern key.

For the Midnight Sun collection, Carmelita takes inspiration from the fashion of the 70s to the 80s. The t-shirt is no longer understood as a simple garment but as a real item of clothing with elaborate designs and slogans shouted out with provocative phrases. Oversized sweaters in coarse wool, overalls and comfortable flared trousers the collection promotes more practical and utilitarian clothing. Carmelita Pascale adopts a more minimal approach up to the trend of American activewear. The collection reinterprets the late 70’s with the silhouette of the inverted triangle, characterized by jackets with very wide shoulders in contrast with tight pencil skirts. Important is the strength and sensuality that the garments want to convey with tight tops, bodysuits, square necklines, chains and cropped bombers. Each piece represents a provocation, a protest and a declaration of independence.

The Midnight Sun collection wants to enhance the body of women more and more by creating garments that donate because they enhance the waistline; with high-waisted clothing, tighter on the waist often through the use of belts or wrapping garments.

Everything is concluded with a touch of innovation brought about by the use of a repetition of prints with a cursive writing that wrap some pieces of the collection, giving a further aura of uniqueness and street style. The print reads “Be yourself, show your identity”; central to the individualist philosophy promoted by Carmelita Pascale.

So BE YOURSELF, SHOW YOUR IDENTITY by shopping with Carmelita Pascale. The collection will be soon on sale on


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