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What is the real difference between Art and Fashion? Im not talking about fashion fashion, im talking about fashion designers. What is the real difference? They both create expressions of things that inspire them, they both design something, they are both creative. Is there much difference other than the end product? Monoimanii is an Art and fashion designer and it seems like founder Amela Zetterberg can see correlation between the two industries too.

Monoimanii is a Stockholm based art and women's fashion designer with plans to expand into Paris in the near future. The dressmaking founder Amela Zetterberg studied her craft at world renowned New York' Parsons. Joining some of the world hottest fashion designers who have also learnt their craft at the elite school.

Amela designs dresses using some of the finest materials she has sourced from different cities in the world including London New York and Paris, some of the biggest fashions capitals in the world. The fabrics she uses most includes Jacquard and Brocade against - amongst some of the highest quality fabrics used by some of the worlds leading designers. Sourcing them from Haute couture shops like Joel & Son Fabrics in London ,Fabrics & Fabrics in New York and small fabric stores in Paris.

The link between Art and Fashion is very close and i believe founder Amela Zetterberg has found the perfect balance and combination. You can check out the full Monoimanii brand over at


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