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Mr Panama: Detective Ned Panama’s loyalties are put to the test in this thriller set in 2082

In Max Drayton’s detective novel, Mr Panama, it’s 2082 and the UK is under the control of the World State of China. Whilst technology may have banished hunger there’s still plenty to be uneasy about, especially for detective Ned Panama. Trying to solve a triple murder case is one thing but uncovering a plot to undermine the whole stability of the nation is whole different ballgame.

A thriller that takes the reader into the future and offers humour and a romantic side story is a rare treat. Especially when it has such an intriguing lead character as detective Ned Panama.

Having honed his craft over fifty years, Max Drayton delivers suspense on every page and leaves the reader with a keenness to discover how this analogue detective is going to save the day in a very high-tech world.


A detective novel set in the future with humour and a touch of romance.

It is 2082, and the UK is under the control of the World State of China. Through the State’s advanced technology, the planet’s population no longer faces the struggle against hunger and starvation. But though no one goes hungry, many chafe under the State’s strict domination.

Ned Panama, an analogue detective in a digital world, is recruited to work a triple murder case. With help from his police partner, Xiu, their investigation leads to uncovering a clandestine plot to undermine the stability of the nation.

Even under intense scrutiny, Ned finds romance from an unexpected direction, and his loyalty is tested when faced with the decision to support his country’s rulers or aid the insurgents in their fight for freedom.

Whatever he decides, his actions will change the world forever.

About the author:

I started writing stories at the age of around 10 and have been doing it ever since.

I have a long-term interest in sci-fi and read the books and watched movies over the years. I trained as a Technical Illustrator, which gave me an interest in engineering and art.

I worked for Hawker Siddely for six years and went freelance for five years. During that time, I worked for British Aerospace companies, gaining a knowledge of aviation.

For nine years I worked for Foster Wheeler who built power stations. Here my engineering experience developed.

I had my first computer in the early 80s, so became (fairly) computer-literate. My first mobile phone (the brick) in 1988 helped me start my own graphic design business. That business sadly collapsed due to recession when many of my clients went out of business.

I (desperately) took a position with a data gathering company as a desktop publisher. I was with them for nine years and changed my job description to graphic designer. I was (gratefully) made redundant from there and a few months later officially retired.

Throughout this time, I wrote many novels, short stories and plays. I belong to a local amateur theatre and have been actively involved in that since 1975. I have had several plays produced there and have directed others too. In my retirement I have been involved in set design and build, including big projects for Made in Dagenham, Fiddler on the Roof, and I started Sister Act before the

pandemic shut the theatre.

A few years ago, I joined an online writing community and have learned more from them than the previous sixty-five years. My latest novel, Mr Panama, was workshopped there and is now scheduled for publication in the summer of 2021.

I have several more books in the pipeline which I hope to publish at some time.

Release date: 27 th July 2021 Price: £8.99

Available to purchase from:


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