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NAE Vegan

NAE stands for No Animal Exploitation.

NAE Vegan is the fashion brand out of Portugal on a mission 'to propose an animal-friend and ecological alternative against human Exploitation'. Ensuring the brand sets an example from the outset the brand boasts 'Our shoes and accessories are manufactured in certified and ethical factories in Portugal', leading by example many would say. Brands being more ethically conscious is something consumers are on the look out for, but its more than just preaching about it you have to show what you are doing to ensure you abide and advocate a more ethically conscious production line and this is what NAE vegan has done from the outset.

Speaking to the founders about why the launched the brand they said, 'When NAE Vegan Shoes was created, our founders were driven by a personal need and duty of reducing the horrific impact on animal lives. This was way back in 2008. Today, we feel more grateful than ever for our community, clients, and friends' and thats why they have managed to create, a community for their customers.

Since 2008 NAE has become more than just shoes, of course still featuring shoes as a core range of products for women, men and children whilst featuring a unisex range too, they also have respectable ranges of bags, wallets, suspenders and a care solutions for the products. All of which ensures they abide by their ethical policies.

It's clear to see why NAE vegan have been so popular and will be celebrating 15 years this year. Their ranges across the board are vast and the designs are fantastic too, truly something for all when it comes to footwear and the work they are doing with the ethical side should be target for all brands to set themselves to be more alike

You can shop the full collection from NAE Vegan over at now.