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New Zealand’s No.1 Wine Brand Lands In The Uk: Stoneleigh

Stoneleigh’s Classic Sauvignon Blanc is sustainable, vegan and crafted by nature.

Wine brand, Stoneleigh of Marlborough of New Zealand’s Classic Sauvignon Blanc has dropped: a premium, vegan, sustainable wine that is crafted by nature.

Stoneleigh is 100% sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand certified and vegan, making it the perfect tipple for those who are environmentally conscious and looking to adhere to a plant-based diet. Known for its punchy flavours and affinity to nature, Stoneleigh is New Zealand’s number one wine brand*.

A vibrant wine, Stoneleigh’s Classic Sauvignon Blanc is brilliantly intense with flavours of grapefruit, white peach and passionfruit with a scattering of tropical stone fruits. It can be enjoyed as an aperitif, or as the perfect accompaniment to salads, grilled vegetables and delicate seafood like mussels, white meat dishes accented with fresh herbs and lemon, and tangy cheeses such as goats’ cheese.

Uniqueness is in the brand’s DNA, as the wine is the product of grapes ripened by sun-charged stones. These stones – deposited by the ancient Wairau river which once flowed through the vineyard – capture heat throughout the day and release it back into the vines developing the richly intense flavour of Stoneleigh’s Sauvignon Blanc.

The Stoneleigh vineyard, situated in the heart of the northern side of Wairau Valley in New Zealand’s famous Marlborough wine region, prides itself on its sustainability. Its expert winemakers intervene as little as possible in the ripening of Stoneleigh’s classic grape varietals, ensuring a natural ecosystem working in tandem to offer a wine style that is fresh, crisp and rich in flavour.

A silver award winner at the recent Global Sauvignon Blanc Masters, Stoneleigh Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is a vibrant white with 13% ABV.

Lucy Bearman, Pernod Ricard UK Wine Portfolio Director, said: “It is our core brand belief that a sustainable partnership with nature is what allows us to create our unique style of wine.

Stoneleigh wine growers rely on their natural environment to grow quality grapes, so not only does the wine have an impressive and unique flavour profile, it is a great sustainable choice. It’s for these reasons that we are delighted to have Stoneleigh in our portfolio of brands.”

Stoneleigh Marlborough of New Zealand’s Classic Sauvignon Blanc is available at an RRP of £10 in Sainsbury’s and Asda .


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