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As the years go on fashion is always changing, usually influenced by celebrities or fashion icons. Sometimes fashion brands release 'throwback' collections, this is usually inspired by a particular decade like the 80's or 90's but they all seem to have a modern twist on them. These collections were popular and still are very popular, it's iconic fashion history that the growing fashionista's on social media love and just cant get enough of and there is one fashion business thats noticed this and based their stock completely on the iconic pieces from the past, Noacustoms.

The Dutch based fashion business stocks vintage clothing for those wanting to make a fashion statement in the modern fashion era. They also have a customization service where you can truly make them a 'one of a kind' piece. Stocking garments from brands such as; Kappa, Nike and Tommy Hilfiger the brand is truly bring back the nostalgic feeling for those who lived through these truly iconic fashion eras.

What I think is so fantastic about this business is that they are keeping alive fashion history. The 70's, 80's and certainly the 90's were huge decades for fashion. A whole new world of fashion designs were introduced, there will forever be inspirations to future fashion designers and collections. It's clearly what people want to be wearing too, with the success and the popularity of the these garments, especially in metropolitan cities like London and New York City.

You can check out the full range from NOA Customs over at now and get yourself a piece of fashion history!


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