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The Tech review - Olympus Pen-F

The Tech Review continues, this time we had the pleasure of teaming up with Olympus trialling their Pen-F camera. Now anyone who is a compact camera fanatic will know a lot about the history of the 'retro' looking camera but at the same time anybody that doesn't know anything about camera's would be able to pick out a retro looking camera and that's what the Pen-F is. The beauty of the camera is the first thing you'll notice. The clean retro look make it very easy on the eye.

Now camera's aren't about how they look, its about the quality of the image it can capture, it's about the ease of use and its about the functions the camera can offer. Now luckily for this camera the attractive style is only the first of many great features it has. One thing we noticed about this camera was the incredible quality of the photo's taken. Even whilst the camera was moving the pictures were rarely blurred maybe 1 in every 40 photos.

  • Intelligent electronic viewfinder

  • Highest image quality

  • Quick Response: never miss a shot

This camera came with us on a trip to Rome, fulling putting belief into the camera to capture the beauty of Rome, our expectations were high and the camera did not disappoint. This the battery lasting the whole day after being on charge most of the night, the its not too bulky so it wasn't awkward to take around with us. Turns on very quickly or quick needed snaps and another huge point the photos can be uploaded straight to your phone via WiFi. You can select the photos you was to transfer and it's done in seconds. Overall we were very impressed with this camera.

Design / Style: 5/5 - We can't fault this camera. Beauty design clean sleek finish.

Photo Quality: 5/5 - The photos were perfect. No blurred and it really manged o capture the beauty.

Simplicity: 4.5/5 - Even though we found this camera very easy to use, we fell some my struggle. Could be a little easier to use some of its functions

Value for money: 4/5 - This camera retails at £1299.99. Now I think this is very high for a camera, I wouldn't pay over £800 personally BUT this camera is of very high quality so I would understand why people would pay this.

Overall: 4.6/5 - This a a fantastic camera. Can hardly faulty anything about it. Highly Recommended by Hinton Magazine


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