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Our Roots, Our Future

Next winter, the company presents a versatile and minimalist collection with a highly accentuated DNA, introducing a totally eco-friendly part

For FW21, Colmar Originals has developed a men's/women's collection with simple lines, using a wide variety of fabrics and lines to fully satisfy all the fashion requirements of the end consumer.

The colour palette for this winter plays on the tones of petrol green and burgundy for him; and on the various shades of purple and green for her: these shades are skilfully mixed with pieces in more classic colours such as black, blue, white and grey.

For this winter we find an interesting offer of woollen pieces. For him, a soft velour of blended wool with a soft hand and natural stretchiness, with the dyed yarns giving the pieces a diagonal effect which recalls classic tweeds. For her, coats in soft wool with yarn-dyed prints which, bonded with a polyester jersey using foam, create a piece which is elegant but at one and the same time warm and comfortable.

The shiny theme is proposed again for this season, through pieces with different cuts ngths. For him, short and sleeveless jackets made from rip-stop fabric with a rich hand and a slightly embossed effect. For her, short and sporty pieces alongside long coats with a belt at the waist with a feminine fit, all super iridescent with a permanent lacquered effect; the colours are further exalted thanks to the finish which gives them greater shine and radiance.

The collection is then completed for men by more technical and sporty pieces where parts in down meet, skilfully alternated with a bonded fabric that recalls the material of scuba divers' suits and jackets fully made from stretch polyester, made even more performing thanks to a polyurethane membrane which guarantees the pieces are waterproof and breathable.

For her the focus is on pieces of different lengths, that are feminine and with a touch of glamour, like the jackets made from quilted fabric for linings which are paired with a very soft realistic and thick fur, made from fibres of recycled polyester for a sophisticated look and the creased effect models covered by a finish in glitter dust which gives the pieces radiance and femininity.

Lastly, but very important, Colmar Originals takes an important step ahead towards eco sustainability by including in the collection eco-friendly pieces, with simple lines and made using recycled materials. This way the environmental impact is reduced and an attempt is made to raise consumers' awareness on a more conscious use of their wardrobe.

The fabrics used are obtained from yarns with a semi-shiny appearance in biodegradable nylon, the particular composition of which allows decomposition of the piece in five years if put in the correct places for the disposal of clothes. The jackets are filled with soft down-effect padding, which is one hundred per cent recycled and waterproof; the zips, in contrasting colours, are made from nylon which is biodegradable.

The men's and women's offer also includes other types of sustainable fabric made from cut-offs of polyamide from pre-and post-use, regenerated, reformulated and put back into the textile supply chain.

The logo is tone on tone to emphasise the minimalist look and is made from eco sustainable silicone (derived from silicon).

Knitwear, sweatshirts and accessories complete the FW'21 collection.

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