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HM Visits: Pastaio

When it comes to finding an Italian restaurant in London you find a lot of the same menus, just a different establishment name at the top. We wanted to find something different, an establishment that isn't afraid of pushing the boundaries. We visited Pastaio, Soho and this is exactly the type of place we were looking for. Located just off of Carnaby Street in London, on Ganton Street, Pastaio is a fresh pasta Italian restaurant which offers an impressive range of Anti Pasti's & Pasta dishes.

Offering indoor and outdoor seating, the venue is certainly on the 'finer' scale. Offering a vibe mix of chilled & warming, the establishment is certainly one for friends catching up, family meals or even a special date! Low lighting with abstract patterns on the walls the venue certainly makes you filled relaxed. Upon arriving we were greeted at the door to smiling faces, followed swiftly by being shown to our seats and given the menu to look through. During our visit the staff showed the prefect level of attentiveness ensuring our meal was good for us and that we had the best possible experience.

The Menu at Pastaio offers plenty of options for everyone from their starters to the mains and even desserts. There isn't so much on the menu that you're sitting there for hours trying to make up your mind, but enough to make you want to come back a few times to try something else you 'liked the look of'. Pastaio also have a good variety of Vegan options for those who opt for a plant based diet or for those who just fancy a vegan dish.

When It came to ordering we started our visit with Pastaio's Rosemary focaccia with Pastaio Olive oil, which is the perfect starter at any Italian restaurant but the quality of the focaccia can truly set the tone for the meal, but I had no doubt it would be the best, which is was! The main we finally decided on was from Pastaio's festive menu, Goose, duck & turkey, cooked in red wine & Spice, mafaldine. This dish was without a doubt one of the best pasta dishes we had ever has the pleasure of tasting. The Perfect mix of meats with the topped with cheese. The meat just fell apart in your mouth leaving and at the end of every bite you were just rushing for another, the flavour was immense. I would highly recommend this dish to go on their standard menu. To end the meal we went for the raspberry sorbet, the ideal way to end any Italian feast.

Overall Pastaio in Soho, London is certainly a restaurant you need to visit whether it be over the festive season or after, its certainly a place you wont want to miss out on. Hinton Highly Recommended.