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Pet Cube

The last 20 years has seen so much advancement in technology and because of this rapid growth our lives as humans has become a lot easier. People have started companies which produce products to simplify our lives. I mean if we have the technology to do so... why not! Tech-brand petcube is the perfect example of this.

Using technology Petcube is designed to bring us closer to our pets. Not just physically but virtually too. The brand launched in 2012, 'With a lot of passion for pets and technology, we founded Petcube in 2012, to create pet procudtsc for the XXI Century', the brand say. They continued, 'A Pet camera is an obvious one to start with. It's like a smartphone for your pet. Allows you to stay connected anytime, and monitors your pet all day long'. The question I would ask would be is this really needed? Or is this just another home-tech gadget that not actually needed.

We tested the Petcube Bites 2 Lite to see if this peice of technology is actually worth getting and if its worth the $149.00 price tag its been given.

The tech boasts features including; Smart HD pet camera with treat dispenser, 160° lens, and 2-way audio it certainly offers the user everything it'll need to see, speak and treat their pet from another location. Connecting to your smartphone, you can get 24 hour live streaming which stores the previous 3 days + smart alerts.

The product allows you to interact with your pets from a remote location, Allowing you to see them through the camera and even talk to them throught the 2 way audio system, so you can hear if they are loud or causing problems, usually the owners voice is enough to calm them down but it doesnt matter because if it doesnt you can dispense a treat to the pet which might help settle them.

After using the products and further research I can see why people whould purchase this product. I do think there is a place for it in the home especially with households that are out throughout the day. The last 20 months has seen us at home with our pets alot more than usual and now we are all heading back out it could be a huge change for them, with many people seeing huge changes in their pets behavours, this allows your pet to hear you, it allows you to interact with them throughout the day, it allows them to hear your voice which is can only mean comfort for them.

Although it has a $149.00 price tag you can get it for free when you subscribe to the app for $9.99 a month. Something that seems to be the better option as it allows you to store footage.

I also believe this products could have other uses too, like security too. Whilst keeping in touch with your pet it films the room you set the camera up in, offering a sort of security system in your home.

I would definetly recommened this trimendous peice of tech. Our pets are always there for us, now its our time to be there for them.

You can get your hands on a Petcube bite 2 lite over at


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