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Pinksters - 37.5% Abv.

Pinkster describes their Gin to include botanical such as raspberries, real ones, the ones that grow on bushes,deliciously dry with a hint of fruit and an exceptionally smooth finish.

Taste: 3.1/5 Pinksters was thought to have a welcoming smell, with acknowledgements of fruit. Its taste was soft and enhanced with a slice of grapefruit. Some consumers felt the peppery accent was too strong and remained on the tongue.

Bottle Design: 3.2/5 The bottle invites one to experiment with addition flavours, it is simple and well made. With pink flowing throughout it is rustic with a modern twist. It was stated that it is likely to appeal more to women than men.

Label Design: 4.6/5 The comical writing on the bottle was enjoyed by consumers creating a relaxed and humorous atmosphere before the bottle was opened. Comments on the intensity of the pink decor on the label were made proposing that a weaker tone may be an improvement, however this was argued with the proposal that it is called ‘PINKsters’ for a reason.

Value for money: 3.5/5 With this Gin being infused with the flavour from raspberries and coloured, consumers felt that this would increase its price slightly, estimating the cost to be around £32. This Gin retails at £36. Although it is more than consumers expected, they was little controversy regarding the additional £4.

Overal: 3.6/5

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