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Porter’s Gin - 41.4% Abv.

A classic, dry style of gin elevated by cold distilled botanical. We capture the bright, fresh notes by distilling at low temperatures, preserving natural unheated flavours and fragrant aromas. Exceptionally well balanced, juniper-led gin with a clean and smooth citrus profile that was designed for aperitifs, long drinks and refreshing highballs. Porter's Gin is made at the first distillery in Aberdeen in more than a century. Made using 12 botanical including pink peppercorn, orris root, Buddha's hand and orange, this gin has prominent notes of juniper and citrus.

Taste: 4.1/5 Lovely scent, We found it was a very refreshing and smooth gin. good aroma. Consumers thought it was much like Hendricks gin with a hint of pepper but just the right amount

Bottle Design: 4.2/5 We felt it had a very expensive look. Wooden Cork gave it a rustic feel

Label Design: 4.6/5 Horticultural look with the design and colours. Maybe a fluted bottle would have been better?

Value for money: 4.8/5 We all thought this was one of the best of the day, incredible taste and a great looking bottle left everyone feeling happy.

Overall: 4.4/5

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