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Q&A : Isabelle Farah

We're interviewing Isabelle Farah on her hilarious new show 'Irresponsabelle' coming to Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August. Farah presents a high-spirited side-splitting show discussing life's trial and tribulations while navigating the path to becoming a 'responsible adult.' The show follows the relatable chaos of growing up and the bad decisions that creep up along the way.

See Isabelle Farah: Irresponsabelle at the Assembly during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 3-29 August. For more information and tickets visit or

Describe your new show ‘Irresponsabelle’ for those that don’t know?

It’s my first hour of stand up and it’s a fun, silly old time where I talk about what it is to be a responsible grown up. Or not, as the case may be…

I think if I were a critic, which I am not, I think I would describe it as ‘a romp’. It’s overenthusiastic and unsubtle.

Who do you hope will come and see your show? I hope everyone will come and bring 47 of their closest friends, family, and enemies. But if you’re a person who worries if you’re doing life the right way then OMG ME TOO! Come and watch my show.

What has been your worst parenting decision?

Well, I don’t technically have children, which I talk about on stage, what that looks like when you’re in the latter half of your latter 20s (I’m 36.) I have made some very questionable decisions when babysitting my friend’s kids which I talk about in my show as well. I’ve also killed quite a lot of plants, which is pretty bad parenting.

I used to be office manager (office mum) for a start-up and one of my jobs was buying the office snacks. And once I did the order when I was so premenstural and all I bought was Wagon Wheels and four types of Cake. I felt a bit bad that that week my children might not have been getting all of the appropriate nutrients but they’re all still thriving so it’s ok. We parents all have to give ourselves a break sometimes. We can’t be perfect all the time.

Any other acts you are looking forward to seeing at this year's Fringe?

This is like picking a favourite child! I LOVE ALL COMEDIANS EQUALLY OK!

But I will be making a beeline for Rob Copland’s show, who makes me HOWL with laughter.

One bit of life advice you would give your teenage self?

You are perfect. Breathe, relax, stop worrying. You’ll get there.


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