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Q&A : Jinkx Monsoon and Major

We're interviewing All Star 7 Drag Race sensation Jinkx Monsoon and musical prodigy Major Scales on their upcoming Edinburgh Fringe Show, She's still got it! Debuting at the Assembly, get ready for a show filled with outrageously bawdy stories alongside original music from the fabulous queen with her long-time collaborator and piano maestro Major Scales. She's still got it! is a comedic work of art and song.

Are you excited for your Edinburgh Fringe Debut?

Jinkx and Major - We’ve been wanting to perform in Edinburgh so long! And we’re putting this show together just for this. We can’t wait to finally harass the Fringe audience in person!

What should people expect when they come to your show ‘She’s Still Got It’?

Jinkx and Major - Expect a lot of great original songs and covers, and AT LEAST one strip tease…

Is it exciting working alongside your long time friend Major Scales?

Major - Working with Jinkx is like slipping into a comfortable old shoe… But like, a really classy shoe. And did I say old? I meant seasoned.

Jinkx - Working with Major is unlike any relationship I have, he is apart of my chosen family. We create together in a way that feels natural and fun, always has.

What are you looking forward to most about visiting Edinburgh?

Major - Edinburgh looks beautiful. I can’t wait to explore, see some other amazing shows from our fellow performers, and stuff my face at every decent restaurant in town.

Jinkx - I’m intrigued by the history of the witch hunts and the beauty of this uniquely ancient city

What are three things that got you through the pandemic?

Major Scales - Wearing a mask and washing my hands, as per health guidelines! Also, my partner kept me sane, and my PS4 kept me distracted.

Jinkx - My friends, the home we all built together, my partner kept me going and we got married during the pandemic. Moments of light and joy in the storm of the pandemic held me together and moved me forward

See Jinkx Monsoon: She’s Still Got It! With Major Scales at the Assembly during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 6-21 August. For more information and tickets visit or


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