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Q&A : Séayoncé

We're talking to the Late Great Ghost Whisperer Séayoncé performed by award winning genderqueer artist Daniel Wye. His brilliantly comedic and intoxicating show 'Res-Erection' debuts at Assembly Roxy. Packed with music laughter, sex and death. Wye's extravagant cabaret invites audience to step into the unknown and witness the completely camp but majestic Séayoncé.

Tell us briefly about your show Res-Erection?

Through the camp ecstasy of comedy cabaret and the exploration of the supernatural, we will help the audience live their lives to the fullest. This hilarious séance is led by the majestic mystic Séayoncé and musically accompanied by cabaret icon Robyn Herfellow (as Leslie Anne). You will laugh, cry and probably orgasm... this is a psychic prediction not a marketing ploy... it's time we stepped into the unknown. How difficult is it to create a show with musical numbers and jokes?

I am lucky enough to be the funniest person in the entire universe and work with the powerful Grand High Witch Robyn Herfellow, who is truly a musical genius. If you've got it they will finger it, by it I mean an instrument with keys and other things...

Also, song writing is always an easy joyous time, everything is made easier when brilliant queer people get together.

What outfits can we expect in your show?

Well, I'm assuming the audience will be in ASOS and we will be in couture.

What is one thing you hope people will take away from seeing Res-Erection? The power and necessity of queer performance and chlamydia.

Are you looking forward to any other shows at this year's Fringe Festival?

There are too many to mention, but some of the most hilarious loves of my life are going, acts like Mother, Siblings, Jack Tucker, Jordan Gray etc. Also, I shall be performing another amazing show, not as a character, it’s called Dan Wye Am I Sam Smith. You should absolutely see this too!

See Seayonce: Res-Erection at the Assembly during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 3-28 August. For more information and tickets visit or


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