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Q Timex Reissue

Fashion brands often leave collections or styles in the past, sometimes thats where they belong but other times we just wished they'd continue to create they iconic collection. For Timex's, Q Timex it's the latter of the two but thats about to change as they have reissued the 1979 piece.

Originally released in 1979 the 'original diver-inspired' watch from Timex was something that gave the new generation on watch that was showing something new, something that was modern... that being quartz technology. The reissue of this piece is exactly the same as that 1979 watch. Timex say,' A true reissue, we recreated every detail—including the true-to-the-era woven stainless-steel bracelet, functional battery hatch, rotating top ring, luminescent paint and ticking inside is a modern quartz movement.'

The Q Times is truly a stunning piece of craftsmanship. Over 40 years on that the style is still very relevant today. The sleek stainless steel bracelet just fits perfectly well with the navy face and the red half of the rotating top just gives it that something more, it gives it an extra appeal.

I think they picked one of the best they could of to bring back here. without a doubt its going to be as popular as before if not even more. could this be the start of going through the archives and bringing back some of the best? I say why not?

You can get your very own reissue over at