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Reinventing The Wheel: Swapfiets Launches World’s First Penny Farthing Subscription Service To Celeb

...To Celebrate 150 Years Of The Original Bicycle.

You can now ride a Penny Farthing to work with hassle-free, monthly bike subscription service

  • Swapfiets celebrates successful UK launch and 150 years of the world’s first bike by adding the “Penny Farthing 7” to its bike subscription models

  • Invented in 1871 by British engineer James Starley, the first penny-farthing was seen on London’s streets in 1872

  • Available for £10 per month, all-new version of the British classic will include Swapfiets’ signature blue reinforced, puncture-resistant tyre

Bike subscription company Swapfiets has today announced the world’s first Penny Farthing monthly subscription service to celebrate 150 years of the first ever bicycle.

After a successful launch in the UK, hassle-free bike subscription company Swapfiets – coined ‘Netflix of bikes’ – is paying homage to cycling’s British routes and adding the “Penny Farthing 7” to its selection of world-class bikes and E-bikes, prompting a resurgence of the classic transport method.

This one speed is a whopping 53 inches (130cm) in size and comes with a custom roller brake, a ring lock + chain lock and hub powered LED light. The iconic bicycle will also receive a further upgrade, courtesy of the company's iconic bright blue front tyre, which is reinforced and puncture resistant.

The stylish Penny Farthing 7 joins the “Power 7” E-bike and “Deluxe 7” models and will be available on subscription for just £10 per month. As with all Swapfiets subscriptions, included in the price is:

  • Free delivery

  • A lock for added security

  • Anti-theft protection, with a free replacement if stolen

  • Maintenance and repair service on demand

  • Guarantee that if there are any problems, the bike will be swapped out for another model in 48 hours or less

The ‘Penny Farthing 7’ will be available from the Swapfiets store in Shoreditch, London from today

The concept of Swapfiets is quite simple: for a monthly subscription fee, Swapfiets members receive a fully functional bicycle or e-mobility solution for their own use. If needed, a repair service is available within 48 hours to repair or directly swap the two-wheeler at no additional cost.

On the launch, Kashif Mahmood, Swapfiets Store and Field lead for London, said:“We wanted to say thank you to our British customers after a successful launch here in the UK, by adding an exclusive model only available in London and thought, what better bike than the original bicycle, the Penny Farthing? It’s 150 years since the original bike first hit the streets of London and we’re excited to see Londoners riding the iconic bike once again, but this time with added protection, useful upgrades and of course our signature blue wheel!”

The Penny Farthing 7 can be taken for a short test ride from the Swapfiets store located at 58 Commercial Street. New members can sign-up in the store or at


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