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Russell Shave club

Usually when someone mentions the term 'Shave club' it make me think of those really cheap shaving kits. You know the ones where the TV advert has two 'ordinary' men standing there claiming they cant find a razor that 'Works for them' so they decided to create there own and you can order your monthly box not for £5.00 and then the following month it goes up to £20.00 a month, and you might get a free gift. Well let me tell you something from the start, Russell shave club couldn't be further away from those types of brands if they tried to be. Russell shave club offers premium quality products at a very attractive price.

In a market like Shaving brands where new competition is constantly popping up from cheap low cost shaving boxes to hi-tech un-affordable shavers, where does a brand like Russell Shave club stand out between the two ends of the spectrum? They could come up with a new cool design for a razor, some modern styled one or they could bring back a classic piece of barbering history - The cut throat razor.

Now Russell's Shave club stock safety razors too, but its clear to see the Cut throat razor is at the prime and centre of the brands products and why not? Whenever I see a cut throat razor it makes me think of those old movies when a upper class gentlemen would go to the barbers and they barber would use a cut throat, it just has a sophisticated feel to it - not to mention they offer probably what is one of the closest shaves you can get, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.

Obviously their not the only brand offering the classic Cut throat razor out there as the traditional barbers piece is becoming more popular with home shaving so what else does this brand have to offer to stand out? Amongst other things the brand stocks singular items like Shaving creams and pre shave oils but they also stock shaving kits that range from 3 pieced to 8 pieces... yes you read that right 8 pieces! Your probably thinking what 8 things would you need whilst shaving? Well, the team behind the mens grooming brand have thought of it all to give you the best grooming experience as possible at home. The 'Cut throat razor full shaving kit' includes; Russell's Shave Club high quality black & Gold straight edge cut throat razor,a razor travel pouch, 100 derby premium Razors, high quality synthetic hair shaving brush, Brush travel tube, Pre-shave oil, sandalwood shaving cream and a Alum shaving stone. They have literally thought of it all whether you'll be using the kit at home or on your travels, you'll be able to take it with you and the set costs only £76.00. On top of all that they brand also stocks skincare products including a face wash and moisturiser.

So your probably thinking, How can a brand get it all so right? Well it might be partly down to the owner being a barber, owning a Salon in London. So if the products weren't selling themselves to you the fact the man behind the brand would use the products for a living should. It is a real relief to see brand like this keeping the traditional ways of grooming alive.

You can check out some of Russell's shave club's products in the newly launched Hinton Shop - Click here - to head over there now. If you'd like to see their full range you can head over to their website

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