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Sail Swag

If your someone who loves to sail and loves fashion then Sail Swag is the brand for you! Since Launching in September 2015, founder Alan Czajkowski has been working tirelessly to keep improving and creating new designs for his brand. Sail Swag is such a unique brand because its not just focusing on a type of fashion its also limited to a theme, so this would have been a make or break business for Mr Czajkowski, lucky for him fortune favors the brave and he is reaping the rewards.

Sail swag is a men's accessories brand which focuses its designs around sailing and the sea. I wanted to ask Alan why and how he came up with this idea, 'I had a passion for sailing and for fashion, and I've always wanted to start a brand that could incorporate as many of the things that I like together -- so I thought that starting the Sail Swag company would be a good idea to marry my 2 interests together!', He told me.

We then moved on to speak about the name 'Sail Swag' and the brands Logo, I wanted to see how someone comes up with these idea's especially with such a niche brand. Alan Czajkowski said 'I wanted a short but catchy name that was very much to the point, describing what the brand does. I wanted to create small fashion accessory pieces, which, consequently can be considered as "swag", and hence the name Sail Swag was born. The logo was born out of inspiration at looking at a variety of logos and wanting something with a strong sailing theme, hence the anchor'.

When speaking to fashion designers I always try to find out any current designs or ranges that they are currently working on. Lucky Alan told me 'Our flagship collection is the Regatta Collection but our latest collection recently released was the Fender Collection.'

So whether you sail yourself of know of someone who does I think everyone could do with a bit of Sail Sway in their life. Get inspired by sailing and the love of the open water, is the moto that Alan not only lives by but runs his brand by and I think many could take a page out of his book and just learn to relax an get out on the open water.

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