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Say “I do” to minimalist matrimony

8/10 Pinterest predictions in 2020 became a reality, and with their 2021 prediction fresh off the press, this is what our last 12 months of pinning has led Pinterest Business to predict for 2021 and beyond:

“Say ‘I do’ to minimalist matrimony. Couples will make their big day more laid back than ever – starting with smaller venues and no-frills elopements.”

Specifically, they have seen 160% increase in searches for “small back garden weddings”, a doubling in searches for both “simple wedding cake 1 tier” and “registry office wedding outfit” and 130% increase in searched for the phrase “wedding denim jacket”. Petite Weddings, the UKs only platform totally dedicated to small weddings and elopements has also seen this trend as well with a 35% increase in unique users for 2018/19 to 2020/21 and a 32% increase in enquiries and bookings over that same period. “We’ve been helping couples plan small, beautiful weddings on budgets that come nowhere near the UK average of nearly £32,000* for 6 years now. We’re seeing a rise in bookings two main areas: couples who are seeking elopement weddings just for the two of them, with perhaps their parents or best friends as witnesses, and slightly larger groups of 15-30 bringing family and close friendships groups together for a few nights stay that includes a wedding day. Couples do have concerns about spending life changing sums of money on a wedding in the current environment and this continues to be a key driver for the wedding market. Equally we are hearing from lots of couples who are actively choosing to spend more per head and have a really special time either just as a couple, or surrounded by their inner circle of friends and family.” “We do not see demand for these smaller, more heartfelt and personal celebrations of love stemming anytime soon. There are so many advantages to small weddings and elopements that the COVID-crisis has made all the more important. For example, micro-weddings offer extended time with closest family and friends (something we've all taken for granted in the past and value so much more now); they also tend to cost less than a lager wedding and many couples are under addition financial stress with job loss or uncertainty being a reality for many as the UK economy takes the double hit of Brexit and COVID 19; and, with international travel being difficult, risky and increasingly expensive for some time to come a UK based "destination wedding" seems a fabulous alternative.” “Every aspect of weddings is impacted by this trend away from “big event” weddings to smaller more meaningful affairs, be it the rise of; bridal trainers/wellies, bridal denim jackets, smaller, simpler cakes, feasting menus, BBQ’s and wedding day picnic replacing the traditional three-course wedding meal or reducing your numbers so couples can spend more time with those people closest to them. Intimate weddings are never a compromise, they are a conscious choice made by couples who value the uniqueness of their love story over century old traditions.” * Source: 2019 annual survey


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