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Secret Lands, Petrol Clams and a Bagful of Bolivar: Funny yet informative

Author Sharon Cracknell’s spirit of adventure draws you in from the very first page of her travel memoir.

Sharon Cracknell’s travel anthology fills the reader with wanderlust as she retells her idiosyncratic travel tales and acquaints us with the cherished friendships she encounters along the way. From bowing at the feet of Kim Il Sung at his mausoleum in North Korea to paying a bribe to an airport official in Venezuela when carrying thousands of illegal banknotes, Sharon’s travelogue is far from the usual ‘guide’ book fare. Totally engaging, this author’s easy, observational, and humorous writing style will inspire the traveller in all of us. As Sharon says: “There is a weird and wonderful world out there waiting to be discovered. Scary yet exciting.”

About the Author:

With a curiosity to see the world outside of her Yorkshire life, Sharon Cracknell craves to visit every country in the world. A tall order, she embarked on her travel adventures in 1999 and has been travelling nearly every year since. Relishing the adventures and the cuisines she has encountered during her travels Sharon is the first to admit she has a knack for attracting much mishap and misadventure.

Adept at writing not just about the places she has visited, but equally skilled at detailing her feelings and emotions, Sharon takes readers on a rollercoaster of her travel highs and lows.

As one Amazon reviewer of Sharon’s first book (Pringles, Visas and a Glow in the Dark Jesus) wrote: “I felt like I was sitting down with an old friend over a bottle of wine and catching up. I really enjoyed the humour – reminiscent of Bill Bryson and I especially enjoyed the stories themselves.”

You can buy the book here - Waterstones Cranthrope Millner


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