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The Spirit that has all the flavour but none of the alcohol

As summer approaches quickly so does the barbecues and garden parties and what comes with these?... Alcohol - whether it's gin, vodka, wine or cider we all like a bevy with our barbecues in the sun but lets face it we just about manage with the 30 degree heat we get so when we add a hangover to that the next day it's not ideal. What if we told you you could have all of that including the spirit your drinking but no hang over the next day?

Seedlip is distilled non-alcoholic spirit perfect for that summer evening... and you can have as many as you like and you wont make a fool of yourself or feel 'worse for wear' the next day!

The Botanical drinks brand product include Garden 108 and Grove 42 as well as producing a bitter too (Aecorn).

Garden 108: On opening the cap of the bottle you can instantly get the earthy feel to this spirit, a very floral / earthy feel to it. On taste there is a strong mint presence, very refreshing. The smell is definitely repeated in the taste with hints of rosemary and thyme.

Grove 42: Instantly Grove 42 has a spring / Summer feel to it, a strong citrus smell. The taste was very similar to the smell - Lemon sherbet with a floral twist to it. Not to strong and a nice lasting taste in your mouth, very moreish.

Aecorn Bitter: Compared to the previous two this was always going to be very different in smell and taste. On opening the bottle, there was a smokey orange aroma, this was only ever so slightly replicated in the taste. There were definitely hints of a burnt orange flavour, leaves quite a fragrant taste in the mouth. We noticed it also had a smokey caramel like taste too it.

All three drinks we'd highly recommend here at Hinton Magazine, whether your looking to cut down your alcohol intake or just want a night off from the booze Seedlip is definitely something that should be in that home bar.

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