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Serena Bute London

After designing clothes for nearly 30 years Serena Bute has finally decided to put her own name on the label. There could have been many reasons why this decision came about, but there is one thing for certain, there is probably noone more qualified after 3 decade in the industry. Serena Bute, 'the label distils a whole lot of experience, personal and professional'.

There was never a doubt in anyone minds on how incredible the collections from Serena Bute would turn out. If there is a starting point for someone to launch their brand from its definitely 30 years of experience. One of the struggles she faced when designing for people was she found a lot of the time she was being told to think about what the customers wanted which would take her away from dressing styles she wanted to, saying,“But that was not particularly who I wanted to dress,”. Upon launching her brand she now has the complete power. Yes you might have to try and stick with the current trends ect but she can now make and style how she wants to, Serena Says now,“I made what I wanted to wear.” Bringing back the heart to her work, bringing back the passion.

But admits she has closets full of designer clothes,like many of us do. One thing she struggled with was the fact she felt uncomfortable in these 'Tailored Jackets". this have her inspiration to create one of her collections. 'trousers – wide-legged, elasticated-waist, with the kind of one-size-fits-all ', Something that is truly different from what she had previously been keen and known for wearing. But it's what she wanted to do, its what she wanted to wear, so she created it. Bute is quoted saying, "versatility that loans them to everything from school run to yoga to bedtime, and even, with a pair of heels and a tuxedo jacket, the dressiest night out."

You get a real sense of Luxurious comfy for Bute's collections.The pieces are almost wear - at -home clothes but they look to elegant to be kept there. It's been many many years where looking this elegant and wearing something this stylish would cause discomfort, it would limit what you could do but Bute has almost changed the game completely and over the next couple of years I can see more women looking for an alternative just like what is being offered here.

There is one thing making an outfit look luxury but its another making it a luxury outfit. One of the huge factors is the Fabrics used and it's clearly something that Bute agrees with,'The secret ingredient is fabric: supple silks, sensuous velvet's, distinguished by the stripe of grosgrain running down each leg.' She tells us, "I’d be wearing these trousers no matter where I was, the airport, Australia, the streets of New York, and I’d be stopped and asked where they were from." Instantly showing its attractiveness from the public.

It's something that has been in the making from the 80's and now we finally have it and it looks like it set to be potentially the future for fashion. It's a real example of learning your craft and choosing the right time. You can see the full range from Serena Bute including the brand new Pre-fall collection which is now out over at Serenabutelondon.com

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