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SGS Watches

Everyone has a favourite watch in their collection and now a new brand has started to push the old out to make way for the new. SGS watches brand owners Dominykas Gobe, Gediminas Strimaitis and Emilis Strimaitis created the name by taking the first letter of each of their surnames.

SGS is a Kickstarter project. With over 430 people backing the project it has been a huge hit and its first watch is called the 'Eagle', The Eagle is the first watch made with the same materials as some of the world’s most expensive watches, for a fraction of the price.

I wanted to find out a little more about the brands designs, with them set to launch next year they told me," Yes, we are working on a completely new design, we are planning to make second more sportive watch model, which would be suitable for all occasions or even daily activities".

This could easily become your new favourite daily watch and at such a low cost! Check our how you can invest in the kickstarter project or pre-order 'The Eagle' here

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