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The top pick shorts for you 2018 Summer break

The summer holidays are well underway and everyday thousands of people will be jet setting off all over the world on their summer breaks, whether your going to the city or the sea we have the top 8 shorts for you to take with you!


These ' Stripe' swim shorts from Nicolas Alexander are for those who are wanting a little pattern in there life. Not for someone who likes exotic colours and patterns as its the classic horizontal and vertical stripes. These shorts maybe for swimming but could be easily worn with a smart shirt whilst your watching the sunset. The style screams classic and class.

7. White Slim Fit Chino Short - BOOHOO.COM

Whether your setting off to the city or staying by the sea you cannot escape the 'safeness' of the classic plain white Chino shorts. They are perfect as they can go with the casual tee or the smarter evening shirt. BooHoo currently have a great sale on at the moment that you wouldn't want to miss out on.

Check them our here

6. Bomber Tape Swim shorts - FRED PERRY

Again Swim shorts feature in our top 8 but whilst on holiday its very easy to get away with wearing swim shorts whilst walking around (as long as they aren't to tight #Bulge) . This time the swim shorts come from none other than Fred Perry. This stylish pair made from 100% polyester come in a range of colours (Product colour shown: Utility Blue) are available at a very reasonable price and provide extra comfort for whether you'd like to relax in them or walk around sight seeing these are a pair that should defiantly be in your suitcase.

Check them out here


Another Swimwear brand this time Thomas Royall, best known for being linked to Former England and Chelsea FC captain John Terry who is a director of the brand along side MLS star Liam Ridgewell. After launching in 2015 Thomas Royall has been worn by many famous faces all over the world including heavy weight boxing champion Anthony Joshua, if that's not enough reason to make sure your packing these on your trip I dont' know what it?! With a fantastic range of colours and designs they are defiantly a place you should shop before you fly.

Check them out here

4. Bees cotton natté shorts - GUCCI

With out a doubt the most upmarket shorts in this top 8 but what a pair they are. retailing at £580.00 online at Gucci's website. This pair will make you the talk of the town with the sophisticated blue being the main colour point but without a doubt the different coloured bee's on the pair is what makes these shorts stand out from the pack. For the modern man, you'll see more of this style in destinations like the Maldives and Monaco, 'high market destinations'.

You can check them out here:

3. deck wash shorts - POLO RALPH LAUREN

These horizontal multicoloured striped shorts from Polo Ralph Lauren are the 'Out there' pair in out top 8. I've thrown them in, high up the list as I feel a pair like this has to be top 3 or not in the list. It'll take someone with a big personality to pull these off but if you mange to you'll be the most stylish person by the pool. The knee length also gives you the option to wear this pair during the cooler evenings.

Check them out here

2. Co-ord slim shorter shorts with elasticated waistband in tropical postcard print - ASOS

Second place in our top 8 are one of the cheapest pairs in the list from ASOS Design. The pair on sale for just £25, this pair will give you pool side personality. Unlike many of the others this pair showcases a various different vibrant colours guaranteed to get you attention. Everyone should have a pair of these in there wardrobe, the best this is you can partner this up with a plain tee or a funky tee as well as funky shirts... your imagination will run wild!

Check them out here


Our number 1 pick summer 2018 is this beautiful pair from Tommy Hilfger retailing at £75.00 on their website these Striped shorts are a gentleman at his best. Whether your going on a lads holiday or your a dad going away with your kids... or any where in between these are the pair you need!

Check them out here