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Silhouette's SUN22 sunglasses

Silhouette’s SUN22 collection of sunglasses launches this month, comprising of three ranges which take inspiration from Silhouette’s archives and the sunshine state of Miami. Ranging from oversized butterfly shapes to striking aviators.

Silhouette EOS, £309,

Silhouette’s EOS collection, with translucent frames and innovative 3D shapes, is one of the brand’s most distinctive designs. Despite the imposing and bold full-rim frames, the sunglasses beautifully uphold Silhouette’s signature lightness making them exceptionally comfortable to wear. The two new models, named after urban districts in Miami, are designed to reflect the way sunshine dances on water, creating a mesmerising spectacle of light and shadows.

Silhouette Rimless Shades, £339,

Famously known for its rimless glasses, Silhouette has applied this expertise to its sunglasses for 2022. Innovatively combining minimalist, ultra-thin titanium with oversized lenses, the Rimless Shades collection offers exquisitely elegant frames in bold butterfly lenses and squared aviators. Taking inspiration from the elegant and refined design of high-end lamps, the subtle adornments, such as the coloured grooves and cut-outs, create a standout look.